I read too much

Hello everyone! So I recently read/finished Pretenders by Lisi Harrison; Wrath by Kristie Cook; and, Smart Girls Get What They Want by Sarah Strohmeyer. I was a bit disappointed by Pretenders and Wrath, Wrath more than Pretenders. Wrath was great writing/interest wise with a surprise and alot of sadness at the end but the end felt a bit too…rushed or it felt like a bit of a litotes. I loved and hated the end because of the above reason(s) and plus several good people died at the end who I feel should not have died especially since two of them had just found (their) love again (bit of a spoiler, sorry!).  Anyway for Pretenders, well it’s by one of my favoritest (of course it’s a word, look it up) authors as she wrote one of my favoritest series The Clique, but I was a bit disappointed. There wasn’t an actual plot to keep you going throughout the series like most books had – like I thought it would have which is kind of disappointing – but Lisi somewhat made a “plot”; you followed what the character’s did in their lives…..i dont really count that as plot but it was a bit of redemption, still a let down though. For SGGWTW, I absolutely loved it!! It is reaaaallly good, one of my favorite realistic fiction books. The plot/storyline was pretty good and the characters were well developed but what let me truly love it was just the amount of feeling you get from the writing as if you actually took part in the book. Anyway I am currently reading a book and that review should hopefully be up soon! Tata for now!

Rate Wrath: 8.5/10

Rate Pretenders: 6/10

Rate SGGWTW: 9.5/10

Tell us what you think!

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