The Secrets of a Finishing School For Girls – Review

So first off, hola everyone! What’s up? So I’m so very sorry…..I said that I would post a book review yesterday then it turned out yesterday I was extremely busy plus out of town so no wifi access to write/post this book review but I shall do that today. Anywaysies so I read and finished Curtsies & Conspiracies by Gail Carriger which, as I found out about a quarter through, is the second book in a series called Finishing School.  The book was okayish. I read it because it was basically a book about spies but as i read it became to get a bit boring. The book overall was goodish since from the beginning to the middle, the book was the best but then after the middle the book went downhill which felt a bit like a trick. So uh ya. The thing that confused me was the time period that this was set in….some parts you would think it was set in like the 1800’s and others you thought it was set in the future. The one good thing about it was the spy and evil genius part, Soap, Vieve, the robots and the unoverpowering yet really little supernaturalism.

Rate: 7/10

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