The Dragonlord’s Heir by Christina Kenway – Review

J’ello people of ze world! So I was asked to read and review A Dragonlord’s Heir, book one in The Ascalon trilogy, by Christina Kenway (the author herself) and of course I was excited. Even though I have only been asked three times (though one didn’t answer back) by the author themself, I still love being asked because there is a certain honor of being directly asked by the author. Anyways, the book ADH is about a just-turned-13-year-old-boy who just got told that he is the Dragonlord; he has to keep “the great dragons entombed and slay any if they should ever be released.” It was a bit younger of a book group than I usually read but it still held my interest the entirety of the book, unlike most younger books do. It reminded me a bit, in the beginning, like the Percy Jackson books just because it’s like “boy only lives with mother, then finds out his dad is pretty powerful, needs help and must save the world” which was sweet as I really loved the Percy Jackson books. ADH was very well written, very great (i think that makes sense…) characterization and it really did show how someone would react to being told they basically have to save the world even if they are 13. There was a lot of action, a girl with a bow/arrow (ya that’s right, she has a bow and arrow…awesome right?), only a tinsy tinsy tinsy bit or romance and some good supernatural stuff. I liked this book and am now wanting the second book. Okay, tata for now and see you guys soon!

Rate ADH: 10/10

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