I read a bit too much for one post…

So, first off hello everyone and HAPPY PI DAY! Welcome newcomers and oldcomers (I have made a new word once again)….Anyway so I read Revenge of the Girl with the Great Personality by Elizabeth Eulberg, Sisters Red by Jackson Pearce, My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult, The Liar Society #1 and #3 by Lisa & Laura Roecker. Yup, alot, maybe too much for one post…we’ll see. Okay, back to the review….well let me start with the books I have read before: SR, MSK and LS #1. I loved SR and LS#1 alot times a ton and MSK was pretty good too with several almost tears shedding at the end. The plot, characters and character development were ¬†fantastic for SR, MSK and LS#1, especially for the first two. Now the new stuff: ROTGWTGP (sheesh, can you say long acronym?) and LS#3. ROTGWTGP was really good with great characters and a nice storyline. The only thing was that it was a bit cliche – ish (which if you read it you will find out) but other than that it was a pretty good read. Now for LS#3, well you are probably wondering why I skipped book 2, well I couldn’t find it/get it anywhere so I skipped it which was not that great of a move but still okay. Anywaysies, it was really good, the plot was soooo good and I loved/was enthralled for every minute of it. It was so good. Okay well, I think that’s it….happy pi day again and tata for now!

Rate SR: 20/10

Rate MSK: 9/10

Rate ROTGWTGP: 8.5/10

Rate LS#1: 10/10

Rate LS#3: 15/10

Tell us what you think!

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