Well that’s a lot to read…

Yello everyone! So in the last couple of weeks I have read 6.12 books; How to Save a Life by Sara Zarr, Don’t Even Think About It by Sarah Mlynowski, Poor Little Dead Girls by Lizzie Friend, Girl At Sea by Maureen Johnson, Fake ID by Lamar Giles and…..drumroll please….the-not-yet-released Unlucky 13 by James Patterson! The .12 book was Confessions of a Wild Child by Jackie Collins that I did not want to read further for reasons that shall be discussed later. Well then. Ok so with HTSAL, its a book about a woman who decided she wants to adopt a baby and the way her 17 year old daughter takes the news and the way the 19 year old mother of the about to be adopted baby (the book switches between two perspectives quite fantastically as I might add). I absolutely loved it, actually. I really did like it. For DETAI, its about a group of kids who somehow (you figure it out in the book but….) gain the ability to read minds and this is how each kid deals/uses this newfound power. I also loved this one SOOOOOOOOOO much. PLDG was also good bc of the fact it was a mystery that took place in a boarding school but i felt like there should have been more. Now Girl at Sea felt very Greek-ish (even though it wasn’t really), both cliche and not cliche and was also a good read. Fake ID was a book that was good but maybe not for me. It was interesting but also a bit boring. Unlucky 13 was ABSOLUTELY FANTASTICLY AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ahhh. OMG, it was soo good. It was a really fantastic book that just arghh it was fantasmic and even though it isn’t out book form yet, i got it on teubl so get it because it is FANTASTIC! Ok now for the ugh book, COAWC. It was sooo not for me because there were inappropriate things happening everywhere, there was no plot line or storyline (it was as if the book was going just for the sake of going) and it just was not for me. The writing was overall good, with great descriptions but it felt like the teen version of 5o Shades of Grey if you know what I mean which is why I did not finish it. Anyway that’s it. I’m really sorry for taking so long but hopefully there should be another book review soon bc i finished more! whoo! Ok, adios amigos! Tata for now!

Rate HTSAL: 15/10

Rate DETAI: 20/10

Rate PLDG: 8.5/10

Rate GAS: 9.5/10

Rate FI: 8/10

Rate U13: 1 million/10

Rate COAWC: 2/10

Tell us what you think!

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