Top Ten Favorite Guy Characters

So today’s top ten is about my favorite guy characters which is so hard because I have a lot of faves! Here it goes:


1) Simon Lewis

2) Draco Malfoy

3) Jace Lightwood/Herondale/ Morgenstern (hahahahaha)

4) Leo Valdez

5) Percy Jackson

6) Peeta Mellark

7) Ron(ald) Weasley

8) Fred Weasley

9) George Weasley

10) Prince Brigan (from Fire and apparently has no last name)


And that’s it for today, wish top ten could be like top 100 😦 . Check in next Tuesday for another fabulantastic Top Ten Tuesday! Tata for now!

5 Comments on “Top Ten Favorite Guy Characters”

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    • Draco is my baby! I love Ron though but Draco has been through so much and I just love him soo much as well as a character plus the actin done by Tom Felton was fantastic (not that Rupert wasn’t fantastic, but…..)!


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