The Cairo Affair by Olen Steinhauer – Review

Salaam everyone! So I just finished The Cairo Affair by Olen Steinhauer and it was FANTABULANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ok, the first reason why I picked the book up was that I was bored and needed to read, and the second was that I have visited Egypt alot, so I freaked when I found a fiction-y mystery/crime book on Cairo AND the CIA/FBI/other cool spy stuff. So it was fantastic (as I demonstrated by the huge-astic words and multiple exclamation marks above) because the story was seamlessly told from differing perspectives and times and that is insanely hard to do so that was one thing I loved. The second thing was that the writing and characters was/were so good; the characters were very well written with detailed backgrounds and story lines that seamlessly (there’s that word again) flowed and mixed with each other so well. The other thing was the amount of secrets and buildup that made the book sooooo hard to put down whilst reading it and after reading it like honestly when you find out how the characters relate to each other and their secrets, you will freak as well. The fact that were spies in it as well was probably one of the bestest things because I have always loved spies and spy books as well as crime and mystery books so that was a given. It was such a great book (though there was a bit of mature content) so you should DEFINITELY read it. You have to, it will blow your reading mind. Ok then adios guys! Tata for now!

Rate TCA: 100000/10

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