Top Ten Favorite Bad Guys

Yello people of the world/universe! So before I share my top ten favorite bad guys, I wanted to remind of one thing and reassure you/let you know of another: the first is to comment on this what you think and/or your idea for what the topic should be for the next top ten. The thing I wanted to reassure you of/let you know is that there will be book reviews however a lot of them will be guest posts (I have like two or three queued/lined up right now) that I will obviously share on my blog with only one or two books reviewed for this blog, at least for the books I already read are starting to somewhat sort out if you get my drift. If you don’t get it, don’t worry about it, just be on the lookout for awesome things coming soon. Anyways, here are my top ten favorite bad guys:

1) Bellatrix Lestrange

2) The Malfoys, even Draco*

3) Umbridge (she was just hilarious)

4) Cornelius Fudge (also hilarious)

5) Voldy (ok, this is my nickname-ish for Voldemort)

6) Snow

7) President Coin

8) Count Olaf (I absolutely loved him, even though he is pretty evil)

9) The Capitol

10) Gale (kind of in the end I think he just turned mean and almost ruthless)

So that is it! I know there is a contradiction with Draco but it’s still fine. Hope you guys liked it! Don’t forget to comment your thoughts below and also what the next topic (or few topics) should be! Thanks and adios! Tata for now!


* I know this somewhat contradicts my statement in the previous top ten but still, it’s true! I still love him.

2 Comments on “Top Ten Favorite Bad Guys”

  1. I can’t say I recognise any of these names. I assume these are characters in books? Maybe it would help to contextualise a bit more, unless your readers are definitely readers who would know. But it sounds like you are reaching out to even those who are not. So you first need to define a narrower audience who really cares about the same books you do, and then speak to them. Look through the Reader or go to Technorati or any of the popular blog directories to find people with similar blogs that you can reach out to. Make connections with those bloggers and comment on their blogs so their readers can find you. For the wider public, including myself, explain who these bad guys are, don’t just list a name. In which novel do we meet them? Write reviews of the books you want readers to comment on. Maybe a reader can then identify with a character vices pr fatal flaws you have described, the conflict and its resolution of the story, and most certainly, themes which we can comment on, since themes are about life\s central ideas and lessons. The big idea is to make it relatable to the man on the street, if he’s the one you’re trying to reach. I haven’t seen your reviews. One criticism, you have a stream of consiousness style of writing. For people who don’t understand your subject in the first place, that can pose a barrier, so try and structure your ideas. I wish I could commit a more meaningful discussion about the post, but I hardly read novels anymore. It doesn’t help that they are way expensive in my country. But write a compelling review and I’ll gladly read it. I’m sorry I don’t really fit your reader profile, but I hope what I am saying here helps. That’s my intention. Continue to pursue your passion. I can sense you are a bookaholic, and because enthusiasm is so contagious, and you are already half way there. Just write some mad reviews and make connections with your community and the rabid readers you seek will sniff you out. Think you got 10 comments in one here. Let me stop 🙂


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