Top Ten Ships

Eyy everyone! So how’s life going? Well I am fantasmic especially since yesterday my first ever guest blog post ( and also since today City of Heavenly Fire came out and I’m reading it now and it is heavenly (pun sooo intended). Anywaysies so today’s top ten is the top ten awesomest/favoritest ships which is just basically the people who you would like to see as a couple or like as a couple and here it is:

1) Simon and Isabelle (aka Sizzy) from The Mortal Instruments series

2) Percy and Annabeth (aka Percabeth) from the Percy Jackson series/Heroes of Olympus series

3) Harry and Ginny from Harry Potter

4) Clary and Jace (aka Clace) from The Mortal Instruments

5) Cress and Thorne from The Lunar Chronicles

6) Maxon and America from The Selection series

7) Ron and Hermione from Harry Potter

8) Draco and Hermione from Harry Potter

9) Fire and Brigan from the Seven Kingdoms trilogy

10) Adam and Carter from Catch a Falling Star

Ok well that’s it for this week! Stay tuned for next weeks Top Ten and don’t forget to comment below your thoughts and suggestions for next weeks top ten! Have a great day/night!

9 Comments on “Top Ten Ships”

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  4. Harry and Ginny was so forced it’s not even funny. Their relationship was one of the worst parts of the series.


  5. Cleo and Magnus falling kingdoms Diana and Caine from Gone. Cress and Thorne from the lunar chronicles. Sybell and Beast from grave mercy series. Draco and Hermione Amanda finally Gabriel and Rhine from the chemical garden trilogy.


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