Hello everyone! So I have decided to part take in the Writing 101 challenge to help better me as a writer seeing as how I am writing my own series, and I need some help with the first book. So. Today’s challenge was to write freely for twenty minutes and then post that stream of consciousness on here which I am mostly fine with since I actually, for a while, did that last year, although for a max of ten mins. So I wrote as much of a poem as I could on here so here you go:

Expectations are something we all strive to fit into

whether we say we don’t,

whether we say we are that one person that just

doesn’t care,

that will show them all.

But we all know that we still try to fit into

the shoes filled by society and generations past.

We try and fit the way we act, our personalities, our clothes, our body,

into something that these shoes will like

because let’s face it,

instead of us trying on the shoes and deciding whether they fit or not,

the shoes are trying us out and deciding whether or not we are deemed acceptable.

Tell us what you think!

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