Day Two in Day Three…..Sorry!

Hello everyone! So, I was insanely busy yesterday so I never got to do yesterday’s writing challenge so this post is on yesterday’s challenge. Even though it’s day three. So here we go (hope you like it!):

As I think of all the places I could go, I think of so many personal places that seem so personal to say over the internet, but I have one that I can talk of without it being written as too personal even though it is (that probs didn’t make sense but that’s fine). The one place I would go back to would be the beach, the somewhat time period would be two summers ago. This beach is one that I have gone to since I was a baby; it’s almost like a tradition. Now on one specific, gorgeous day, I went to the beach about a couple hours before sunset without realizing how great that timing was. The sand beneath my feet tickled me as I walked to find a spot to sit and put my stuff. About two minutes later, I am sitting down and pulling out all of my sand “construction” things that are more or less things I can use to make sand castles. I sit on that special edge between sea and sand to get that right consistency of wet sand and begin to make a mermaid. I stretch my legs long, coaxing the ocean to find my legs and cool them as I work. As the waves collapse on me, return to the ocean and then repeat, I begin to feel weightless, as if nothing could bring me down. Two hours later, I am covered in sand, the mermaid is done and it looks as nice as any other sand mermaid can. I begin to pack up, as the lifeguards call that it is time to go. I stand and stretch, sneaking a glance at the sea and find myself in awe of the scene. The sun had begun to set and, the purples, oranges and blues of the sunset around the sea, creates a magnificent moment that I knew I would treasure forever, even if I didn’t have a camera with me. Soon though, the colors fade, and the sky gets dark and so I walk back still in awe of the miracle I just saw.

So that’s it. That’s the place I would go. Stay tuned for more and please comment below your thoughts! Thanks and tata for now!

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