Your Sneak Peak into the New Project

So remember when I made the announcement that Vyas from Assembled Creatively and I were creating on of the make your own adventure stories?  Well, we are now releasing the first chapter and you guys get to comment below and tell us what should come next! So here is the chapter:

Chapter One: I hate Squirrels

I’d be lying if I said I was popular.

I’d also be lying if I said I didn’t really care.

In addition, I’d be lying if I said that my best friend was the hottest, prettiest, and most popular girl in the school, perhaps the state, maybe even the nation.

Oh wait.  I’m not lying. To be honest, I don’t know why she keeps me around. Emma probably can do better.

Oh wait. She did. Yeah, so what if I’m her best friend?

I’ll never be Will.  I don’t get it. What’s so great about him anyway? He’s not particularly nice. Or interesting, Or even funny. Then again, he has the buff cute factor, I guess. One problem with being Emma’s confidant and best friend was constantly hearing about the douc- sorry- the manchild who’s been flicking spitballs at you since second grade. Ok, fine, he doesn’t do that anymore, but still, he is pretty annoying for a 6 foot two football player. Yup, that’s right. He’s a footballer and to get even more cliche, Em is a cheerleader; the classic head of the football team and the head cheerleader dating. Gag. At least Emma still had the brainpower to become one of our valedictorians. The other one was me. Anyway I’ll still support Em, no matter what. She’s the only one I have left.

Emma Natalya von Juda. She is, the one and only person to

a). Successfully be able to organize a massive party… at school

b). Been able to steal the principal’s clothing… and sell it on the black market.

c). Been the only girl in five years to win valedictorian and have the highest honors a person can get

d). And finally, the only one who still talks to me unless you count the insults I get from Will as talking. Then the population in talk town has doubled.

A cold shiver passed through the town that day. Everyone was huddled in groups, waiting until we got the call to go back inside the building. Emma was with her love, and I, I was waiting.

Waiting for the fire to burn itself out. Fire drills were despised, and now, this school, this school that had given so many of us a home, was being destroyed. It shouldn’t have been this cold. It was the middle of spring. Yet, there was no leaf on a tree to be found.  And let me reiterate: it was COLD! And I of course hated the cold. It was the worst thing to happen since JK Rowling decided there would be no more Harry Potter books. Like why couldn’t the fire have started sometime in the summer then maybe the situation would have been cooler. Soon we could hear the fire cars shrieking, making the day even worse, and rush to park by the school without crushing students. I heard the crunching of footsteps behind me. I didn’t need to look to know who it was. She put her hand in mine. We watched. We watched as they raced in the buildings, spraying water everywhere, making sure those beautiful white columns weren’t being destroyed. Cracks began to be heard. Everyone’s eyes widened. The center dome, the dome that overlooked the entire school, crashed to the ground, spraying chunks of concrete in front of the students. I even saw one almost hit Ray Barris, the class clown since whenever he’d been born. I also saw him run behind his girlfriend, the class clown of the juniors  which almost funny enough to make me forget about the cold. She squeezed my hand. I turned to her.

Emma had the most beautiful eyes. I guess that’s how she won Will’s heart. A single glance could electrify you with their beauty. Lightning blue. A single strand of brunette hair covered an eye. Her white ski cap was drooping.

“Well then,” I said. She looked at me, trying to glare through her hair.

“Jonathan, really?” she exclaimed, “really?” Goodness. She was being serious and when she was serious it meant no jokes, a rule I’ve tried to learn but failed to remember when it was most needed.

“Exactly what do you want me to say, then?” I demanded. I tried to remember what Dr. Garg had said – calm yourself boy. Stupid psychiatrists.  Emma glared at me.

“Maybe nothing? Maybe wait? You never really had the capability to know when to talk now did you?”

“Excuse me? What in Dante’s Inferno is your problem?”

“The word is hell, child.” I had always liked to use literary texts in the place of words. It simply made life awesomer. Only this time, it got me into deeper trouble. She gave me a steely glare, and swiftly walked away into the arms of her boyfriend. And smothered him with love, if you know what I mean. Or maybe it was comfort, I don’t know. The three of us grew up here. We all just lost a bit of something.



School was canceled. We were about to be sent home. I wondered what was going to happen to those of us who kinda needed to graduate. Where were we going to graduate? Where was I going to make the snarky speech I hadn’t yet started? It was perfect! My opening line was:

It’s simple. We, uh, kill the Batman.”

I looked to Emma to see if she needed a ride since her car was in the shop after she banged it up trying to stop for a squirrel. Freaking squirrels. Pests to humanity. They should have been killed years ago. The only funny thing was when my dog decides to go and run after them; then it’s just hilarious trying to watch the squirrels try to run from a 25 pound labrador.

“I’d rather go with Will, to be honest. I’m going to crash at his place tonight.” I shrugged. I interpreted this to be “I’m still mad at you.” We were sitting on a park bench, feeding some pigeons.

“Okay. Call me tomorrow if you want to meet up at Piazza’s for piazza….” I wiggled at this like they do in the commercials when they try to make it seem cool that they’re calling pizza piazza, trying to get Em to laugh. Thankfully she giggled a bit but quickly covered it up as if she wanted to be mad at me. Her phone began to ring, and I knew he was here.

“That’s my cue,” she said, closing her phone with a snap. She got up, and began to walk to who knows where. My eyes tracked Emma as she left to find her boyfriend’s car.

Sometimes I wanted him dead.

Just sometimes. But I knew if something touched Emma’s precious “baby” she would get really mad, like mad enough that if she were in cartoons she would have smoke blowing out of her ears. And mouth. And eyes. Pretty much everywhere. Ya, she was not a person you wanted to mess with which was probably why I wasn’t made fun as much compared to any of the other so called weirdos; if you crossed Emma, you probably had a death wish.

I began the trek to my car, trying to remember where it was parked in relation to the sunken dome. As I walked, I thought of what was going to happen to me next year when Emma wasn’t with me in college, when I was left to fight without the backup. Hopefully people were better, though, in college than in high school. But that seemed very unlikely. People don’t ever change, not really. They just get better at hiding their disdain.

Collegebound I was, I couldn’t help but try to remember what happened to me, that made people ostracize me the way they did. And then it hit me: it was the squirrel attack.

I hadn’t always thought squirrels came from the loins of Satan. No, at one time, I thought they were actually just weirdly stupid things that decided they wanted to go out on the street at the worst of times. But that changed in November when some dufus decided they wanted to play a prank on their teacher and instead got me instead. See, a 10th grader had Mr. Rottman, one of the strictest social studies teachers, and when he got a failing grade, the 10th grader decided to one up Mr. Rottman and thought putting a couple of squirrels in his classroom was the logical thing instead of taking it “like a man”. I, of course, had to have detention for no reason in Mr. Rottman’s class after school that sunny November day and also, of course, had to open the door to Mr. R’s class upon seeing that, although the door was closed, there was movement in the class and the lights were on. I expected to see Mr. R doing some random organizational thing but instead I was met with about five squirrels. So not cool. So my mind blanks for about five seconds because seeing five squirrels was definitely a surprise. During those five seconds though, those five stupid squirrels make a run for me and I start running out of the class, knocking things over as I get out. Apparently, the 10th grader and his friends were hanging right outside the door at a somewhat safe distance but still close enough to catch the entire thing on video and post it to every social media site known to man. Yay. So yeah. I don’t know if you were expecting some sort of elaborate story… sorry… my life just isn’t that interesting.


Ok, fine. I guess you deserve to know the truth; after all, you’re the only one who’s bothered to listen to me this long.

Whatever I tell you cannot be repeated.

If you do repeat it, it will be the end of your life.

I will know if you told someone. I may not know who you are. I want to let you know that I’ve acquired a particular skillset that makes me extremely dangerous to people like you. I you tell someone… anyone…

I fill find you.

And I will kill you.

It begins now.


Ok, so that’s it! What do you guys think? Comment below your thoughts and suggestions!

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