Writing Wednesdays

Hello everybody! So I came up with the idea of Writing Wednesdays which is when, on Wednesday of course, people share their writing, and how long it is is up to them. I’m thinking of making it an event so if that is so just link back to me if you’re not in LBSquared or Writer’s Guild (if you have no idea what those are then you’re not part of them so don’t worry), however if you are part of LBSquared and/or Writer’s Guild link back to one of those as well as my blog. Capiche? Anywaysies, here is my writing for today! (it’s about Sebastian from The Mortal Instruments) :


Sebastian Morgenstern


His heart was bruised

For his thirst for love

Was ignored.

She was a beautiful woman

With long, auburn hair

And loving green eyes.

Yet those eyes never

Loved him. It did not

Help, he guessed, that

He wished to kill all she

Loved and he wished to

Raise Hell on Earth. He

Wished to be the most

Powerful Shadowhunter, for

Maybe she would love him then.


ā€œIf I cannot move Heaven, I will raise Hell.ā€

6 Comments on “Writing Wednesdays”

  1. You my friend need to find new book series. I suggest perhaps 172 hours on the moon. Gatekeepers. The 39 Clues( k maybe not that one). Perhaps The Partials Sequence. Escape from Furnace?
    Anything other than the Mortal Instruments and their spinooffs. Please… I beg you…
    Trust me, all of the series that I’ve listed are even better than the mortal instruments! You’ll love them.


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