Days Three, Four and Five

Yello everyone! How you doin’? So I have been behind on my Writing 101 days (sorry!) so here are days threefour and five!

Day Three: 

The three most important songs in my life are Wayah by Amr Diab, The Zing Song from Hotel Transylvania and 3000 Miles by Emblem3. To start off with Wayah, well it’s my favorite song because it reminds of when my cousin and I danced and sang to this song in my kitchen, which was one of my favorite memories. It reminds me of walking down the boardwalk and looking at the beach and the glorious sunset. The Zing Song from Hotel Transylvania is also one of my favorite songs ever because it’s so cute, funny and romantic. The song 300o Miles reminds me of home, my friends and my best friends and always makes me want to go and hug my best friends forever.

Now, for the writing practice, at least for now, I think that writing for twenty minutes every other day would be fine. So that’s that.

Now for day four….it’s more on moving away from my friends/best friends rather than a “loss”. So yeah, on to day four!

Day Four:

When I got the news that I would have to move away from one of two (maybe three) places I can confidently call home, well I was pretty sad. See, that place was where I had actually found myself and my true besties. My friends were so awesome and my best friends were amazing and I couldn’t leave that. I couldn’t go back to a place where I hadn’t felt so at home. Several months after I moved, I started feeling very homesick and so I wrote a poem about it (which is too personal to share). Before I moved, I felt happy every moment of my life, even when I was sad which sounds paradoxical but it’s true. After I moved, the happiness lasted until the event was gone and then I started feeling homesick. Now, I feel less homesick when I’m with several of my friends but I still get homesick.

Last but not least, day five!

Day Five:

I opened the front door, the bag of groceries, keys and mail in my hands. As I stepped in, I threw the keys on the dresser, and started looking through the mail. Bill. Bill. Bill. A couple of grocery flyers. And an envelope. Hmmm. I glanced to see it was addressed to Eliz – I fumbled for something to open the mail while I tried to properly put the groceries away. I finally got it open and began reading it:

Dear My Love,

Here is a poem for you to remember me by while I’m gone. I love you.

Without you, I am nothing,

Without you, I accomplish nothing,

Without you, I change nothing,

Without you, I see nothing,

Without you, I feel nothing,

I need you. ~ FA

Hope you love it as much as I love you. See you in a week.



I stopped and stared. Who was John? More importantly, who was this romantic? Then I recalled a faint memory of Liz, my next door neighbor, saying that her husband had to go spend a week in Turkey for a business trip. I turned the envelope over and saw it was addressed to Elizabeth Dragen. Oh. It was not to me. I must have seen the Eliz and thought it was to me as I had the same name as Liz. Oh, how was I going to explain this.


Okay. So that’s it! Hope you liked it! Comment your thoughts! Thanks!

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