My Summer Reading Do’s and Don’ts

Will so follow these!

Overflowing Bookshelves

I am going to do my best to stick with this pledge for the summer and if it goes well, I’ll do one for the fall. I’m going to keep it pretty simple because I know me, and I’m not usually good at sticking to pledges unless it’s reading challenges.

DO read(no brainer)

DO review a book a week(minimum)

DO buy sunscreen to wear when reading outside

DO read already bought summer reads before buying new ones

DON”T start buying books from older series/buying the whole trilogy or series

DON’T buy a different version of an already owned book. One is enough.

DON’T forget to save money(Christmas is coming after all)

DON’T give up after one slip

A few of these run along the same lines, mostly toward saving money. I have a bad habit of buying books I already own because a collector’s edition or fan exclusive edition was…

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