My Twelve House: Writing 101 Day 11

Hello everyone! So today’s challenge is to write about the home you (well, I guess in this case, I) lived in when we were twelve and to pay attention to the lengths of the sentences. So here goes nothing:

When I was twelve, I lived in a red brick house that, if it was a person, would be very shy. The house was not imposing on others, and looked similar to another in the neighborhood. But all the houses were different and this one was no exception. The similar house was exceptionally gorgeous on the outside, with gardens that seemed to belong on the front page cover of the Better Homes & Gardens magazine. The pool in the back of that house was long and deep, with a bit of a curve that said “look at me!”. There was no end to its appeal. My twelve house, as I shall call it, was quite shy as stated before, and in comparison to the similar house seemed like a background dancer who didn’t know they were beautiful.  There was little garden, but the small tree at the front, and the gorgeous view in the back, more than made up for that. It seemed to light up in the small ways and I was proud that that was my little twelve house.

I know it’s short, and I know I haven’t been writing for a bit – actually I am going to finish and post my day ten post hopefully within the next couple of days even though it’ll be late – but I hope that it still works. Comment below your thoughts and opinions and hopefully the day ten post and a couple of book reviews will be up within the next day or so! Au revoir! Tata for now!

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