Top Ten Movies Closest to their Books

Hello mis amigos! So today’s Top Ten Tuesday is on the top ten movies that are closest to their books and I am 99% sure, you guys will figure out/agree with the last couple. So here goes nothing!

1) The Book Thief

2) Movies 1-5 and 7,8 in the Harry Potter series

3) The City of Bones

4) Catching Fire

5) Hunger Games

6) Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince (there were Harry/Ginny moments missing such as the epilogue….I was vvv sad)

7) The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

8) The DaVinci Code

9) Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

10) Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters

So yup. That’s itsies. There are several books to movies that I have not watched yet *cough Divergent and TFIOS cough cough* so that’s why they aren’t in there and I plan on reviewing The Book Thief soon so can’t wait to do that. One more thing before the parting remarks, I would very very much appreciate it if you guys could please take two seconds to do a short five question poll/survey so thank you if you (could) do that! Now, you guys know to please please leave thoughts, suggestions and comments below in the comments! Thank you! Merci! Au revoir! Tata for now!

5 Comments on “Top Ten Movies Closest to their Books”

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      • Lol yea I agree, they were really good movies on their own. I actually watched them before reading the books because I couldn’t help myself and I ended up loving them, and I was pretty confused as to why PJO fans hated them so much, but now having read and loved the books I get it; but they’re still great movies just not so great adaptations. I loved Logan as Percy though (:


      • Ya. I very much agree with the last bit. I started reading the books though way before the movies so it heated up a little more when I first saw them but, ya, the movies are still pretty good on their own. If only they had made the movies when Logan was younger, oh then it would have been so much better! 🙂 I love your pic by the way, been meaning to tell you. It’s very well taken.


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