The Little Book Haiku and A Fantasy World

Hello! SO I know yesterday was Writing Wednesday and I am so so so sorry that I didn’t get a chance to put the writing up on Wednesday (I was so busy yesterday!) so here are TWO writings that I did, both are haikus. Comment below what you think, and au revoir! Tata for now!

The book pulls me in

as I open to the first page,

another fantasy to add to reality.


A Fantasy World

Life is to be lived,

Love is to be endless,

Hate is to be gone,

And one must always wish for such a world.

2 Comments on “The Little Book Haiku and A Fantasy World”

    • eeehhh I tried but it probably did not turn out right…I know for the first one I tried, the second one was just a poem I think….Thank you very much for your kind words!


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