The Book Thief and The Fault In Our Stars – Movie Review

Hello peoples of the world and universe! I am back with TWO fantabulous movie review, one on The Book Thief which I saw on Monday, and the other on The Fault In Our Stars which I saw Thursday. To start off let me tell you that there will be a minor spoiler at the end on TFIOS (no spoilers for The Book Thief) and that the two movies were awesome, though TFIOS outranked TBT. As well, these movies were amazingly almost exactly close to their book. I know that John Green, author of The Fault in Our Stars, had great input in the movie as he wanted it to be as close as possible so that’s why the movie was close to exact to the book, however, I am not very sure about TBT. Anyway to the reviews! So I shall start off with The Book Thief as I watched that first. The movie was pretty awesome as the actors in the movie looked exactly like what I thought the characters would look like and I found/find that amazing. The movie, as far as I remember and like I told you before, didn’t leave out any important details (there was only one minor scene that was taken out and included yelling and books if I remember correctly) and there was still the “voice over” by Death which I was happily surprised about since I didn’t think that they would include that. It was just such a good movie and it was so so so so so close to the book that it shot up in my movies of books rank. Good job, TBT people. Good job.

Now onto TFIOS! Okay, so this movie was amazing with only one scene left out which I will share in a bit so that those who don’t want to be spoiled can still read the review. The movie was sad and I still didn’t cry though but the people I was with did cry and I am 99 percent sure that I heard someone blowing their nose or something really loudly after a particularly sad scene which I found funny. The actors’ performances was amazing which I was quite happy for several reasons:

  1. There was a lot riding on this movie esp since it was based on a very very important and popular book
  2. This was the first time I saw the performances of Ansel Elgort (Gus), Shailene Woodley (Hazel) and Nat Wolff (Isaac) so I was hoping it would be good.

The actors played the characters very well, and the best part, lots and lots of lines from the book were lines in the movie. As well, the scenery for the book was amazing and gorgeous and lovely so great job movie peoples! Now if you want to be spoiled and see what scene they left out (it’s minor-ish) see the Read More line after the but if not then tata for now!

Rate TBT: 10/10

Rate TFIOS: 1600000/10

So the spoilery scene from The Fault in Our Stars that the movie peoples either left out completely or put in deleted scenes was after Gus’ death and Isaac and Hazel played video games and I can’t fully remember that well after that but it’s like (I) is talking to the tv trying to move right or something, he says something about Gus, the tv says I don’t understand and (I) breaks down as well. Sorry for the description it was pretty bead but I don’t have the book with me and the internet was helping either but ya. That’s the scene! Okay now tata for now!


2 Comments on “The Book Thief and The Fault In Our Stars – Movie Review”

  1. Thanks for the review! I haven’t seen either, but I did read The Book Thief and it’s one of my favourites. I do want to see the movie, and knowing Death is still a part of it (didn’t expect that either) motivates me even more.


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