Top Ten Reasons to Read the Books Before Watching The Movie

Hello world! So as I said in one of my previous posts today, I kinda forgot that yesterday was Tuesday amidst all the busy-ness I was in/around/doing and so that has been delayed one day, and I’m sorry! So yesterday/today’s top ten is the top ten reasons why you should read the books before you watch the movie. Enjoy!


2) Most of the movies translated from books lack a lot of essential scenes close to the fangirl’s heart. This is mostly due to either the lack of magic in the world or the fact that the movie people’s think that a three or seven hour long movie of a fav. book will not go well with the fangirl.

3) Because sometimes the scenes that are lacking, change the movie/book so that you see a character a different way then you are supposed to.

4) Because it’s a lot of fun to count and see how many times a scene is taken out or redone etc when you watch the movie after reading the book.

5) So that you don’t accidentally say something that can offend someone who’s read the books before the movie or so that you don’t say something wrong.

6) So you know what the characters’ motivations are in the movie as they are, again, not able to be translated fully from book to movie

7) You can know when to hide when there are going to be scary parts (this helped in The Hunger Games and Catching Fire)

8) You have more time/you are more able to create opinions and possibilities while you are reading

9) You are able to set the scene based on the author’s words and be able to move the ideas around rather than have someone else set that firmly in your head.

10) You are able to get a clearer idea of what the author was trying to tell you as all the details the author gives you are right in your hands.

Well, that’s all folks! Have a great day/night and don’t forget to leave your thoughts and suggestions in the comments section! Tata for now!

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