The Book Review of A Lifetime: Part 3

Hello peoples of the world! So today is part 3 of the Ultimate Reviews and it is going to pretty awesome! If you didn’t see Part One of the Ultimate Reviews just click here and check it out for more information. If you didn’t see Part 2 check it out here! Ok, I also wanted to direct you guys to my previous post A Very Important Announcement as I really need you guys to check it out. Thanks. Well, I guess it’s time for the reviews!

The books I’m reviewing in this post are The Selection Trilogy by Kiera Cass, City of Heavenly Fire and the Harry Potter series by JK Rowling! Now just to let you know there will be a bit of spoilers when I review COHF so I’m going to review it last and the spoilers will be after the goodbyes so that those that don’t want to be spoiled can leave and not miss anything really. Now for the first review! Well, I’m sorry to say first off that this was one of those times where I was again wrong for reading a book a bit, not liking it and then putting it down because once I picked it up again I fell in love. I really need to stop doing that. Anyway the series was absotutely fantasmic with so many twists and turns and little heart – stopping moments. It was also absolutely funny and romantic and I just loved it soo so sososososososososo much!!!!!

Next up to review, is the Harry Potter series. There pretty much is nothing to say about it as you already know that I’m also really really really in love with series….my favorite books are the fourth book and the sixth book because they are just so awesome…I really love the series, especially since it was basically my entire childhood so it’s a big part of me.

Last but not least is City of Heavenly Fire!! Well, let’s just say this, it was amazing, fast paced (sometimes almost to fast paced), romantic, amazing, action-y, funny and absolutely heartbreaking. But that’s just usual with Cassandra Clare’s amazing books…..and gosh, if I had to say, the buildup of snippets, aka TMI Tuesdays, leading up to the big reveal of the book everyone was waiting for…..that was brilliantly executed. Well done Mrs. Clare, well done.

Ok, well if you want spoilers and rants about COHF look below the read more line! Other than that that’s it for today! What do you guys think? Don’t forget to comment below what you think and follow us on Twitter and Facebook! Tata for now!!

Ok now for the spoilers and rants about COHF…..where oh where should we start….why not the part where Simon had to give up his memories! and he stopped being a vampire! and he forgot IZZY!! Goodness gracious! Why not just rip my heart out in the beginning! *dramatic sigh* To my favoritest character ever! and my shippiest ship! Why, oh why Mrs. Clare? At least he became shadowhunter and, while it broke my heart to end with such a small yet huge in my eyes cliffhanger, at least there will be a little novella series about Simon. Thank goodness or I would have cried even more inwardly. Well. I guess that’s really it. I so cannot WAIT for The Dark Artifices and the Simon novellas…..*sigh* I honestly love this series so much! Well I guess that’s it for realsies. Talk to you guys later! Tata for now!

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