Shield of Winter by Nalini Singh – Guest Post

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This is the latest in the Psy-Changeling series, so for those of you who haven’t experienced the world yet, I recommend you start at the beginning. I must warn you though, Nalini’s books can take over your entire life!

Shield of Winter is Vasic’s story. He was introduced much earlier in the series as an Arrow. He captioned my attention immediately, his essence leapt off the page and I’ve been waiting a long time to learn more about him.

Vasic is essentially a soldier, an assassin whose conscience weighs heavily on him. He’s a tortured soul and lives on the very edge of darkness, but it’s clear right away that his heart is true. He sucks you in, drawing you to his power and his capacity to feel, no matter how much he tries to quash it. Most of his character is evident in his relationship with fellow Arrow, Aden, but it isn’t until he meets Ivy Jane that you begin to really appreciate everything he’s capable of.

A lethal contagion is effecting every life of the Psy race, and without wanting to give too much away, Ivy is the key to beating it back.

Ivy is a fierce character and only someone with her strength could penetrate Vasic’s shields. Nalini deals with their emerging relationship exceptionally well, and she couldn’t have written a more perfect match.

The action scenes are intense, the emotional connection simple magic, and I devoured the book in a single sitting.

If you enjoy Paranormal Romance then you’ll love the Psy-Changeling series, but don’t say I didn’t warn you – they’re addictive!

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