Top Ten Fav Authors + A Mini-Announcement

Hola mis amigos! So I am officially loving the top tens right now after the comments I got last week (sorry I haven’t commented back….I’m working on that!) Anywasies you guys all get a pat on the back because I just love you all…..commenters or not you are all awesome and so you deserve the pat on the back. So today’s fabulous top ten is (as you so obviously saw) my top ten favorite authors…now this list will include the main book I’ve read of there’s (I may have read more….probs did but it’s just the main one) that’s by them so ya….also this is only ten of my fav authors….this year esp added like a gazillion more so I’m sorry if you are an author and you weren’t on here. I still love you. There really isn’t any order except number one….JKR will always be my number one (sorry!)…. About the mini announcement: that’ll come after so stay tuned! Thank you and here are my top ten fav authors:

1) JK Rowling/Robert Gailbraith (the Harry Potter series/the Cormoran Strike novels)

2) Deborah E Harkness (the All Souls Trilogy)

3) James Patterson (The Women’s Murder Club)

4) Cassandra Clare (The Mortal Instruments series)

5) Rick Riordan (The Percy Jackson series)

6) Lisa Harrison (The Clique series)

7) Marissa Meyer (The Lunar Chronicles series)

8) Suzanne Collins (The Hunger Games trilogy)

9) Tera Lynn Childs (Oh My Gods series)

10) Robert Muchamore (The Cherub series)

Well that’s it for the top ten but stick around for the mini announcement and the goodbyes:

1) I have added a new widget on the sidebar of the website that says “Heart Us” and underneath there’s a blue heart and a “Love this blog”. It would mean alot if you could heart us as the more we are hearted, the better chance Avid Reader could be featured as the ¬†Blogionare of the Day. Thank you!

So that’s it folks! Have a nice day/night! Comment away: tell us your thoughts and your suggestions, your likes and your dislikes! It really means alot! Thank you! Tata for now!!!

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