A Post to My Top Ten Commenters

Hola peoples of the world! I finally, finally, finished answering all the commenters from the Top Ten Movies That Were Better Than Their Books and so here they are. Note that I honestly don’t mean to sound mean or anything so if I do I’m sorry!


  1. Sally: Alice in wonderland was one I didn’t think of but good addition to a good list 🙂

Thank you! I appreciate that! J and thanks again for the idea!!!

  1. Jeyna Grace: The Cat In The Hat was annoyingly disturbing for me.. I don’t know why, but I felt rather uneasy watching it. I like weird and quirky, but this was just too weird.

Really? I loved it! It was adorably cute and it took a book that was for kids and turned it into a movie for all that was pretty good in my opinion. I can see though why you could think it’s weird.

  1. eclecticalli: I haven’t seen (or read) all of these… but… I just can’t agree with you on the Harry Potter ones. I feel like the books gave me so much more depth, character, and plot points to follow. Out of necessity (I understand) the movies hacked a lot of these to pieces. Especially the second movie.. I remember going to see that with my brother, who had not read the books, and he was rather confused at some points — because the movie couldn’t develop the character relationships and challenges as well as the books were able to.

I know but the movies were amazing! I guess it’s just the rush I get seeing my favorite books on screen but I can’t help but love them all. About the second bit, I think the movies were meant to give those who had read the books a chance to see it on screen and a way to give those who hadn’t read them to get a glimpse into the world so many readers fell for.

  1. Kat: What exactly was this list based on? I don’t agree with any of these. I don’t think comparing movies and books is really fair at all.
    HP4 the movie was terrible. HP6 was amazing (and surprisingly funny). All Narnia movies are good, well rather great actually but I wouldn’t say they are better than the books. Perhaps instead of comparing apples and oranges, you should reread the Chronicles of Narnia as an adult to understand them. They really are quite brilliant.
    City of Bones was cringe-worthy. And while Hunger Games and Catching Fire are both very well done, I wouldn’t say they are better than the books.
    So can you explain the ranking and how these movies were chosen?


Well, the list was based upon several things:

  • The movies/books I liked this best
  • Whether I thought the movies were better than the books or not
  • How much of a difference I thought there was between the books and their movies awesomeness
  • What the movies/books meant to me

And several other things that I can’t think of but I think the list is right. I’m sorry if the list is confusing or doesn’t make sense.

I don’t really believe comparing books and their movies are like comparing apples and oranges….in fact I think that it’s quite fair as the fact that they transferred the books to screen necessitates the comparisons.

Yes. I love all the Harry Potter movies and actually HP4 and HP6 were my favs but there was a difference in the rush I got from seeing the Quidditch Cup and the Tri-Wizard Tournament onscreen than what was in HP6. As well, HP4 only missed (I think I’m wrong though, it may not have missed anything) the meeting/dream in the beginning between Voldemort, the farmer, Nagini, Harry and Wormtail and possibly one other small (like really small) thing that was in the Tri-Wizard Tournament. In HP6 they took out the meeting between the English Minister and Fudge/the new minister, they added in, I believe, Harry at the train station where a waitress said they could meet later and he could tell her more “about that tosser Harry Potter”. As well, they totally changed Ron and Harry meeting Moaning Myrtle where she lets slip that a boy was crying and then Harry finds Draco crying (there was more to it of course but that’s the gist of it) and they missed out the Harry and Ginny romance that was there that helped explain their romance in the next book.

The Narnia movies were fine for me, there was no attracted pull for me there save for the fact that I actually understand them, which is probably why I may not reread the books for some time, esp. as there are other books to be read.

I’ll have to agree to disagree about the City of Bones bit as I went to City of Bones with a couple of my friends and we had a blast. The movie was awesome, even if there were a couple of things missing, and my friends, who don’t like reading or don’t read those types of books, couldn’t wait for the next movie and wanted to get their hands on the books in the meantime.

I agree about the end more or less but I have to point out that Catching Fire was pretty amazing and so I had to have it…but I may just agree with you about the placing of that one…it could’ve gone a bit lower. As well, Hunger Games was dead last for a reason…the book was about the same as the movie.


If you want to disagree or agree or be neutral, please feel free to comment. I wanted to let all of you guys know that I don’t mean to sound mean or anything so I am sorry if that comes through. I really love this, you know hearing your comments and so I thought this was awesome so thank you and keep commenting!

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