Guardians of the Amazing X-Men 2…..Wait, what?


Hello everyone! So I watched X-Men: First Class (the entire thing this time not just the end) and I was very very very happy aaaaaaaand I got to watch the Amazing Spider Man 2 which I was super happy about plus I went to watch Guardians of the Galaxy with a couple of friends!!! Anyway so let’s start with the X-Men First Class….I loved it! I loved the X-Men ever since I saw the Wolverine movie and the later (when the characters are older) X-Men movie so I was super happy to see where the X-Men originated from esp. since I’m not a comic type of person so I didn’t want to read through and find the backstory (I’m a novel type of person, of course…).  The movie is pretty awesome, not just in the idea of the plot but in how everything fits together: they have where X Men originated from, they have how the leaders of the X Men became friends, grew and then fell apart. They showed how alliances were made and they showed (very well in fact) how the characters became who they were today. Also, the special effects were AMAZING! They were reallllly goood, and I really want to be one of the X-Men now so fantastic job Marvel, very well done.

Okay next is the Amazing Spiderman 2. I LOVED it!!!! It was pretty awesome esp since you meet so many new characters and since Gwen was in it and because…..oh gosh the list could go on an on….I just loved it soo much! I knew the movie was going to be good since the first movie was Amazing (get it? y’know since it’s the Amazing Spiderman…fine…never mind) and the trailers looked pretty rockin’. To reiterate, the movie was realllly good: Andrew Garfield played an awesome spiderman who was so sassy that I just couldn’t hold back my laughter and Gwen, oh gosh, she is just awesome as a character and Emma Stone plays her perfectly. Gwen is just such a confident woman who know what she wants and how to get it and knows that it’s not okay to not treat her right even if accidentally. She is also so polite and I just really like her. Now about the new characters in the movie and the plot….it was absolutely fantastic! The plot was pretty good though it did take a bit to get everything going, but I wasn’t complaining, I love the movie and the fact that it was long was something I loved. The new characters were amazing! There weren’t too many and actually made the movie pretty awesome, pretty perfect in fact. The end was a bit short to be honest for how long the plot was but still the movie was pretty good.

Now for Guardians of the Galaxy! Okay, so I watched this movie with a couple of friends and we all loved it. To be honest, the marketing for the movie before it was released (like the trailers) didn’t exactly entice me to watch the movie but after I heard people raving about it, I decided why not watch it and see for myself…so a couple of my friends and I watched the movie and I really liked it. It seemed weird to watch a Marvel movie that wasn’t about the Avengers and for that I think I liked the movie less than the other Marvel movies but I liked it as it’s own move in a way. I loved, though, when they started including little Marvel ester eggs that are important in the Avengers movie because it made it seem more like a Marvel movie which was when I started liking it more. The characters were funny and my favorite character(s) had to be Groot – he is just soooo adorable and cute and lovely especially when he is dancing….I love that gif – and Rocket – who has some of the funniest lines I have ever heard. My favorite part/thing if the movie, by far, was, as I said previously, when they incorporated Avengers things into the movie to give it a bit of flow.

Well, that’s it. Sorry for not posting for awhile…..I’ve been busy and so I’m sorry….expect a book review within the next week and hopefully a surprise within the next week and a half to make up for it.  Anyways, did any of you guys see any of the movies I watched? If so tell me what you thought and whether or not you agree with what I said please! I love all your comments!! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!!!

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