The Surprise Post – A Double Divergent Double Post

Bonjour mis amigos! How are you guys? So today’s post is a pretty special post because it’s a movie post and not just any movie post but a movie post with two bloggers’ viewpoints. Yup that’s right, Fantasy Angel (that’s me) has teamed up with an awesome blogger to give you an awesome post and guess who the awesome blogger is? Amy J from [Now A Word Or Two]. Awesomeness!! We came together when LBSquared first came together and Amy thought a guest post by her could be she reviews a book turned movie. I thought that was awesome (esp. when she suggested Divergent because I felt so bad that I hadn’t seen it and reviewed it yet) but I already had a guest blogger so we stored the idea. Several months later, when Guest Blogging Week came around, I thought that we should revive the idea and add on the idea that we do a double perspective post as I had finally seen the movie. It was an instant hit and here we are today. So, to start, the post will work like this:

On Avid Reader, my view of Divergent will be first then Amy’s. On Amy’s blog, Amy’s view will be first then mine. Capiche? Okay let’s do this.


Fantasy Angel: So I watched Divergent. And I really liked it. Was it weird seeing Shailene Woodley (the actor for Tris) and (the actor for Caleb) be brother and sister after already seeing them as Hazel and Gus in The Fault in Our Stars? Not really. I thought they were better in Divergent than they were in TFIOS because they were brother and sister. The movie itself was good, though there were changes to the movie. Thankfully, the changes didn’t take away from the experience nor did it change anything in the long run. Divergent as a movie was pretty good but not amazing, more because the book wasn’t my favorite than anything else. I never really connected with the book but the movie brought out why I liked Divergent so the movie was pretty good.  The acting was pretty good, I loved the tattoo scene the best and my fav character as played on screen was Christina. She felt like the type of person I would want to be friends with more or less as she seemed loyal and nice (in her own way). Other than that the movie was pretty nice so good job Divergent team!



Now for Amy’s thoughts!


So I was introduced to the Divergent trilogy via some reading rainbow friends on twitter. I hadn’t heard of it, so went into it with no bias. I enjoyed the Hunger Games trilogy (light/easy/entertaining reads) and this was no different. It was fun to get lost in a book (aka stay up until the wee hours of the morning).

In going into this post, I was trying to think, when in the history of the written word and motion pictures has the movie (and therefore the screenplay adaptation) lived up to the book. After rereading Divergent and finally seeing the movie – other than the eye candy (HELLLLOOOOO FOUR!) – the book is definitely better.

What I liked about the book is reading it from Tris’ point of view. I was trying to remember what it was like being sixteen, being so clear of some things and so unsure of so many others. Her fear of intimacy, her fear of others, her fear of herself. But at the same time – know what she wasn’t was just as important as figuring out what she was.

Books of course, can go into as much detail as they need to. I used to skim over the setting the scene parts at times in certain books – but don’t anymore, because they are vital. Things like that – as simple as the introduction of certain key characters and the location (post-war Chicago) were missing from the book.

Seeing The Pit for the first time – it was a lot brighter than my imagination thought it would be. I envisioned this dark and damp place – but you know.. people have to live there. LOL.

I feel like overall, the movie moved pretty quickly – the dialogue was good (the relationship between Tris and Christina was great), the action (gotta love that Ashley Judd stays playing a badass!) and of course the romance (swoon…).

Knowing what I know about the entire trilogy, if I hadn’t read them – the movies might have pushed me to read the next 2 books in the series (who wants to wait that long for a movie!?). I found the ending to be ambiguous. Like they weren’t sure if it was going to do well or not – so let’s end it with wiggle room to do the next one or leave it here to die. LOL.


If you haven’t read the books – do it! Then grab some popcorn and watch the flicks!


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