Blogging 101: Who I Am and Why I’m Here

Hello everyone! So as many of you know (or if you’re new, as you more or less now know) I have joined this month’s Blogging 101 challenge. To start off let’s say who I am: My name is Fantasy Angel and I run this blog, Avid Reader, by myself, and I also am senior editor/leader of LBSquared which is public and co-leader/senior editor of Writer’s Guild by LBSquared which is private, though the last two blogs haven’t been in use for a couple of months (I’m hoping to turn that around just trying to figure out how…if you have suggestions tell me!!). I started blogging two years ago on Weebly ( then, this past January, moved to WordPress, my Weebly blog is still up though if you want to check that out. The blog started as a way to release all my ideas and feelings about the books I read then got extended in to also being about book news, book to movie reviews/news and writing tips. Lately, I haven’t been able to post a book review but I hope to do that soon (I actually will be posting about that topic soon so stick around for that). For more about me check out my About Me page (titled “Who Am I?”)!

Now why am I here? I was part of the first blogging challenge and that took my new blog to an entirely different level where thankfully lots of people go to as I learned so much. I hope to take that farther and learn even more and so that’s why I’m here.

Related News:  I’m also going to be Writing 101 so if you’re going to be there too, hi (again)!

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