Hello Neighbor PART 2: I Finally Figured It Out + Themes: Whoa!

Bonjour mis amigos! So about three days ago, the Blogging 101 challenge was to “Follow five new topics in the Reader and five new blogs”….and that was like being blindly thrown into a library and then being asked to pick your five favorite books/topics and put them on a display (I feel like that was a bad example….); I didn’t know what to do! I love libraries (kinda have to since I’m an avid reader) and similarly I love the WordPress community so it was hard but a day later and I started finding people more or less (I found four people and five topics) which helped with my topics search and now I present to you the four new bloggers and five new topics that I followed…pretty proud of myself.



  • WordPress
  • YA Fiction
  • Harry Potter
  • Percy Jackson
  • The Mortal Instruments

Now there is also the fact of the blogging challenge of “trying on” new themes. So I’m perfectly happy with my theme but as I looked through the themes I thought, ya there could be more to add or do with the theme so I did try on some themes and there were some that didn’t fit and some that more or less fit and then there was the some where if it was mixed in with the theme I have now and another theme, then I would be very happy so here are the three themes I liked and wish were mixed together to create a wonderful super blog theme(!):

  • Twenty Fourteen
  •  Mixfolio and….
  • Hemingway (which is the one I have now)

Well, that’s it for today folks! Have a wonderful day/night! Before you sleep or party or do other stuff that doesn’t include staring at my blog and wondering how the writing is so good (ya I know what you’re thinking 😉 ), comment below what you think of my choices and if there should be other people or topics I should follow and if there is already a gorgeous theme that mixes the three blog themes I found/have…Thanks and tata for now!

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