Favorite Subgenres

bookblogwrimo bannerHello everyone! So today’s day 18 of Book Bumbling’s  #BookBlogWriMo and the prompt is to  talk  about our favorite subgenres and I apparently have a lot as seen below. Now let me first explain that #BookBlogWriMo is “a lax version of  NaNoWriMo for  book  bloggers. [There are] prompts for  each day, discussing  different topics around books,  blogging, and  books + blogging. There’s no  word count requirement, no daily writing requirement, very little  requirements in general.  Just post the posts on the day they should be posted!…Answers to the prompts  can be as short  or long as you like….You can also write them whenever you want to….As long as they’re posted on the right day, it’s all good.” To find out more about #BookBlogWriMo, or to take part in it with me, click here! Now, back to my Favorite Subgenres….they are linked up to the meaning of the subgenre just in case you don’t know what they are. Here we go:

And that’s it for today! I hope you guys liked the little more insight into the book blogger mind. Tell me though, what are your favorite sub genres

? And what are your least favorite? Let me know below in the comments section, I love to hear all your thoughts and comments! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

2 Comments on “Favorite Subgenres”

  1. Romance subgenres: contemporary, comedy, and new adult. The main other genre I read is business, and my favorite books tend to be about marketing/PR, leadership, or memoirs of CEOs I admire! For example, Richard Branson. Plus, you gotta love that all his book titles make virgin jokes. 😛

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    • Nice I’m actually pretty close to you as well with the business books but I forgot to write that in…..i haven’t heard of Richard Branson so I’ll see who that is….but yay that we have really similar book tastes 🙂


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