bookblogwrimo banner Hey peoples! So today’s day 22 of Book Bumbling’s  #BookBlogWriMo and the prompt is to “Take a  picture of your bookshelves, whether they’re physical or Kindle folders” but I’m going to do it a bit  differently. First though let me explain that #BookBlogWriMo is “a lax version of  NaNoWriMo for  book  bloggers. [There are] prompts for  each day, discussing  different topics around books,  blogging, and  books + blogging. There’s no  word count requirement, no daily writing requirement, very little  requirements in general.  Just post the posts on the day they should be posted!…Answers to the  prompts  can be as short  or long as you like….You can also write them whenever you want to….As long  as they’re posted on the right day, it’s all good.” To find out more about #BookBlogWriMo, or to take  part in it with me, click here! Ok, now back to the prompt. I’m not really going to take a picture of my bookshelves because that’s a bit too personal for me but I will tell you about them so here we go:

Physically – I have the three-ish bookshelves that are different in size and each has a different way I organize it; there is a tall and wide book shelf, there is a really short and wide book shelf and there’s a medium height but small bookshelf. For the first book shelf, originally I tried to organize my books based on authors in a way, like all books by the same author is together, but then I got more books and it’s turned into a bit of author organization and a bit of what can fit where but it’s messy and a bit out-of-order. For the second bookshelf, everything is neat and the books that have the same author usually go together (for this one I went more height and thickness difference than author compilation). And for the last one, my books are pretty much everywhere, as it’s based on what can fit where and it’s definitely messy.

Virtually – So sometimes I’ll read on my iPod and for that, it is based on when I got the book and author compilation and it’s fairly neat.

And that’s it! That’s the way my shelves are like. Now you tell me, how do you organize your shelf/shelves physically and/or virtually? You can tell me using picture or you can just write it out like I did. Tell me/show me all this in the comments below, I would love to hear what you do! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


2 Comments on “#ShowMeYourShelves”

  1. I haven’t heard of this challenge before. It sounds like a cool idea.

    To answer your questions, I organize my nonfiction shelves by academic or popular and then by subject and then by author. For my fiction, I organize my shelves by literature anthologies, author anthologies, classic literature, and contemporary literature. These are then broken down by author and then publication date.

    Writing all this out, I don’t know whether to be proud of my organizational skills or embarrassed by how controlling I am! Lol

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    • The challenge is awesome! I like your organizational skills so don’t be embarrassed, be proud!! If I didn’t get so many books, and if I had more space, I’d be more organizational…lol 🙂 but next time or, even now to try it out, you should do the challenge because it is awesome…

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