My Top 5 Book Blogger Tricks & Tips

Hello everyone! So today is the start of December and everyone knows “It’s the most (hectic) time of the year!” So I am giving all you bloggers a couple of tips and tricks so you can get by this holiday season. I am doing this on a Monday, even though it’s a top ten, because it’s the start of the holiday season and I know I would rather have these tips sooner rather than later. As well, even though the title says book bloggers, many of these tips can also be translated to other blogger niches so don’t fret! So without further ado, here’s my top five (book) blogger tips and tricks!

  1. Read all the way, don’t skim. Yes, I just said that. Even though it seems a bit hypocritical, it will take you more time to skim than to read and it just won’t work in your favor. Here’s why: if you skim, you lose your understanding of the book and that will either a) make you need to go back and actually read it or, if you don’t go back, b) translate your ignorance into a bad review/post and no one wants that.
  2. Schedule posts! I know this has been said to you before, but I cannot stress how much this helps. During the holiday season, everyone is stressed for so many reasons, and that can make you fall behind when it comes to your blog or website. The best way to make sure that blogging is not part of your 99 problems, just schedule a couple of posts when you get a couple of minutes. Maybe you don’t write a lot in those couple of minutes, but at least you have a starter and don’t have to frantically think of ideas at the last minute.
  3. Do something for yourself. Anything is fine – watch a movie, eat pizza, listen to music, read! Just do something that makes you happy and can take your mind off things because it will definitely put you in a better mood and make you more productive.
  4. Go to a bookstore and look around for two reasons. The first reason is, and I know many you readers will agree, there’s something about that new book smell that just makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Therefore, go to a bookstore, which is filled with all kinds of new books, to make yourself more comfortable. We also know that just walking around a bookstore and looking through the different books there makes you itch for a book to read or for a paper to write on or to just do something. So go there with a paper and start writing or reading; who knows, you may have your newest review or piece of writing.
  5. Don’t slack on posts. We all have done this and have felt the after effect of this but I’ll detail it for you to either remind you or to help those of you haven’t done it yet: when you slack on posts, your entire readership just decreases and you lose not just your readership but also their trust and your credibility. Thankfully, my readers are awesome and understanding but there are not many who would do the same. So to avoid any of this, just don’t slack on posts and take my advice in advice number 2 and schedule posts ahead of time.

And that’s it everyone! I hope that helps you guys during these stressful yet joyful times. Let me know below what you think and what’s the most stressful thing about blogging and what you do to relieve that stress, if you do something! I would love to hear your thoughts and I’m sure it would help everyone as well to know a couple more tips! Thank you, have a great day/night and tata for now!

3 Comments on “My Top 5 Book Blogger Tricks & Tips”

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  2. Great advice. I did this last night. My sister and I were frustrated with writing, so I took a break to go to Kroger to get soda and donuts. It wasn’t healthy, productive, or a good example of money management, but it made us happy.

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