Top Ten Characters I Wish Were Real

Hello everyone! So this may seem like a dumb top ten – I mean there are so many book characters that we all wish were real – but stick with me. Now, like everyone, I wish I could pick everyone but at the same time, we all know we have those who are more favorited than others. So I hope you enjoy this top ten characters I wish were real! Here we go:

1) Hermione Granger, Harry Potter series – You have probably heard this multiple times from me in other posts, but I absolutely love the character Hermione Granger and it may be because we are a lot alike.

2) Simon Lewis, Mortal Instruments series – If you do not like Simon Lewis, I think you need to reread the books again because this dude is just the right amount of geek, loyal, witty, romantic and sassy.

3) Percy Jackson and Annabeth Chase, Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus series – These two are a package, a two for one if you will and I love both of them so much because they are so cute and nice and interesting and just different. I do like Percy more but that may be because as a reader, I got to know him more than Annabeth.

4) Leo Valdez, Heroes of Olympus series – Goodness gracious, this guy would be awesome to have around; he’s pretty sassy, romantic, witty and hilariously funny. Not to mention that he can build just about anything and it would be awesome to have someone to build stuff with or build stuff I think would be awesome to build.

5) All The Clique characters/crew, The Clique series – I so wish they were all real. I mean Lisi Harrison did a really good job to make them feel like they were real, but if the clique was real, I would so join them in a second; they are so awesome!

6) All the girls from The Mother -Daughter Book Club, The Mother – Daughter Book Club series – These girls are already so real to me that it would be awesome if I could see them for real and be part of the club and be their bestie and oh my gosh there better be an entire movie series on these books. I soo want them to be real.

7) The Young Marauders (except Peter Pettigrew and plus Lily Evans), Harry Potter series – The young Marauders would cause so much trouble and be hilarious and Lily would be such a kindred spirit.

8) Farid, Inkheart Trilogy – Aww! I wish Farid was real because he is so nice, hardworking, sweet and romantic.

9) Tessa, Jem and Will, The Infernal Devices trilogy – Tessa is such a bookworm like me and so kind so we would get on splendidly, Will is very outgoing and a reader and funny and Jem is very musical and romantic and shy and we would all get on very well. Plus it’s be awesome to watch Will’s reaction to ducks and his demon pox song.

10) Minerva McGonagall, Harry Potter series – I always respected Minerva and I still do. She is so kind and protective and just awesome and I can’t help but wonder how awesome it would be if she was my professor.

Now this list was created at first with the thought that the people who I wanted most real would be at the top and the least would be at the bottom, but now I realize that it is all people I would love to have in my life for real equally. There are others of course, if I could have my way, all the good people of every book, would be real and then fantasy would be reality and it would be so wonderful. Until then, I get to read about all the wonderful characters, and so far that’s fine by me 🙂 I hope you guys have all had a wonderful time reading this post. I would very much like to hear your thoughts and comments; what did you guys think? were you guys surprised or was I more or less predictable? do you agree with my choices or disagree? Either way, let me know in the comments section below! I’d be very pleased to read your thoughts and comments! Thanks, have a good day/night and tata for now!

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