A Letter To The Authors and Publishers of the World By a Reader

Dear Fellow Authors and Publishers,

My name to you does not matter. I could tell you my name was http and it would not matter because you care about us readers as a group not as an individual and I respect that. You have achieved something that many people think they can do but cannot: you have achieved the power to look at everyone as first and foremost a reader, someone who can make you money and enjoy what you have done and written. You do not discriminate and that is definitely something that should be respected. That is not what this letter is about though. This letter is about something much different than respect or questions; it’s about what you give to the world and why we are more alike than you would think one blogger would be to you.

Let me start off by reiterating the two reasons why you do your work: in order to bring joy to others and in order to make yourself money. I do the same too with this blog but in a different way: I do my work in order to bring joy to others and to maybe make you some money with reviews and such. Someday, I may be the person sitting in your chair – I am an aspiring writer – but I am not there yet. Somewhere, you are influencing young and old minds in ways you do not understand. Someday, I hope to do the same.

It’s because of that idea, that we are alike. What you give to the world, inherently, is hope. You give life to inanimate objects and thoughts carefully pressed and typed onto pages of these objects. My whole world is thanks to you and I hope I can do the same someday for a little girl one day reading the first book that actually spoke to her and will change her life forever. I hope I can do the same someday for a little boy sitting in the library clutching a book that will be the start of everything. The only difference between you and me is that you have been doing and are doing this and I am hoping to do this.

One day, I will get there. So wait for me and keep inspiring and giving hope. Someday I’ll be with you.


A Reader

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