10 Second Reviews

Hello everyone! So as you guys know, I’ve been absolutely busy with life and have therefore not been able to post book and movie reviews in so long. Knowing that I had no time but I really wanted to review all the books I read for you guys, I’ve come up with, what I think is, a totally awesome idea. My reviews didn’t usually take long for one book but, with me being an avid reader and all, I usually was reviewing about/at least 5 books per post so, in order to help me able to make/post my reviews for you guys in quick manner, I’ve come up with a new kind of post called…..wait for it, wait for it…. 10 Second Reviews! Whoo! *applause, applause* Thank you, thank you. Now here’s what this new post will mean/be:

Every week, on one of the weekend days (meaning Saturday or Sunday…you guys get to decided in the poll below!), I will be posting very short reviews of all the books I have read that week.  It will be as if I was more or less making tags for them (like #awesome, #spies or #no) and then adding a number out of ten. I’m open to suggestions and ideas so let me know below what you think in the comments section of the post and in the poll below! The poll will be close a week from now and then I should start posting them a week after! I’m so excited!

Are you guys excited for the new posts and finally having reviews of books? I may extend this post idea to movies as well if it works really well but until then TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK (below in the poll and comments)! PUH-LEASE! ‘Zank you!

8 Comments on “10 Second Reviews”

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