10 Second Reviews: Week 1

Hello everyone! Today is the grand opening of 10 Second Reviews! Yup, reviews are back baby! Now, to remind you (or infkeep calmorm you if hadn’t seen the announcement), 10 Second Reviews is a post that will feature very short reviews of all the books I have read that week, with the reviews more or less including tags for each book (like #awesome, #spies or #no) and then adding a number out of ten, every week, on a weekend day. Now, I’ve decided to have the posts be on Sunday, but that may change if Saturday is a better time. The time of the posts will be the same time as Friday Finds. Anyway today is, as aforementioned, the first post of the 10 Second Reviews. This post includes all the books I just finished this week. The books I need to review from before this week will be in the next 10 Second Reviews because they are a lot. I hope you enjoy and definitely let me know what you guys think: things can only change and be made better if you tell me. Thanks. Here we go (with the very many books I’ve read):

  1. Welcome to Shadowhunter Academy* by Cassandra Clare – #SIMON #sizzy #dregsvselite #shadowhunteracademy #BESTTHINGEVER #needmorenow 1000/10
  2. The Conspiracy of Us* by Maggie Hall – #AMAZING #ineedmorenow #itwassogood #richsecretivefamilies #onetreasure  100/10
  3. When* by Victoria Laurie – #deathdate #surpriseend #notwhoyouthinkitis #mystery #FBI 10/10
  4. Crash & Burn* by Lisa Gardner – #somanytwists #thoughtitwaseasythenitwasnope #reallygood #caraccident #survivor 12/10

*This is an affiliate link I have with Amazon 🙂

3 Comments on “10 Second Reviews: Week 1”

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