Questions and Answers

Hello peoples! So I decided to clear something up with everyone on Guest Blogging Week because I can imagine many of you are asking these two questions: “What if I don’t have an idea?” or “Why do you want me? I don’t have anything to offer you.” Here’s the answers to those questions:

Answer to Q1): You don’t need an idea by Saturday to participate. You only have to say yes. If you can’t come up with an idea now, don’t worry. I’m here to help you. I’m not going to leave you stranded then ask for the finished product at the end. I will help, so, seriously, you only need to say yes.

Answer to Q2): Here’s the thing. Yes my blog is fiction. However, I’m all for having a non fiction writer talk about what it’s like and the process of doing it. You can even contrast to the process of writing in fiction. If you’re a literary agent, you could offer some helpful tips or advice. If you’re a “regular blogger”, then you can just do a review. If you’re an author, you could talk about your books and what inspired you. Of course, you can do something totally different that what your “job” would have people think you were going to do. I’m taking everyone because there really is no reason not to.

As well, don’t worry if you think I have too many people already or will get many people so you don’t need to sign up. One, I only have four people signed up right now:Kay Kauffman,  Melissa Robles, Melissa Barker – Simpson and The Writing Badger. Two, if I get a lot of bloggers, I may just make Guest Blogging Week longer than a week (then it would be Guest Blogging Weeks). So don’t worry! Just sign up now! For more information, click here.

Thanks again, have a great day/night, I hope you sign up and tata for now!

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