Top Ten Writing Bloggers

Hola amigos! So last week I did a post called Top Ten Book Bloggers and at the end I said I was going to do one for all my mainly writing blogs. Well, here’s the post! Again, the following list is what I was looking for choosing the top ten:

  • how long had I known (of) the blogger (you basically): just like last time, sometimes you know writers for a really long time and you become close or you know of them through friends but only just started following them*. Some bloggers on here are a bit of both.
  • the type of writing they do within their blog (posts): now some blogs are published authors that discuss their writing specifically and only their writing, others may or may not be published and they may talk to you about writing in general, give some tips and share some of their own writing. If you were a part of the former of the two, that may have been a reason you weren’t on here.
  • when was the last time you blogged: I also looked at how long ago was your last post: was it a day or two ago or was it maybe a couple of months ago? If it was the latter, then that may (unfort.) be a reason you weren’t on here.

I believe that’s pretty much it. Now onto the top ten (which is in no particular order)!

1) Kate M. Colby

2) Kobo Writing Life

3) Nail Your Novel

4) Kate Tilton

5) Nina Amir

6) DIY Author**

7) Kay Kauffman

8) The Passive Voice

9) Octopus Ink

10) Melissa Barker-Simpson

So that’s it! Again, I’m very sorry if you weren’t on here and if you were, congrats 🙂 you definitely deserve to be 🙂 Like I said last week, I’m thinking of doing the Top Ten Book Bloggers and the Top Ten Writing Bloggers again at the end of the year so if you weren’t on here, don’t fret! You may be at the end of the year 🙂 Anyway, thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


*Yes, DIY author isn’t technically one blogger however I do love their articles and they’re pretty much all about writing so they deserve to be on here. I also follow them on Twitter but not via email so just in case you were wondering about the whole following thing..

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