What’s Up and A New Project

Hello everyone! So this post may be a bit unexpected as I only announced it a couple of hours ago on Twitter and wanted to do it five mins before that but this post is very much needed. Here’s why:

1) Guess who’s on Pinterest now?? ME! My posts w/ pics will be there, all things Harry Potter are there as well as books and writing boards so don’t hesitate to follow me…especially as I need people to follow as well! So head on over there and take a looksies 🙂

2) I’m now working on a special project that involves ALL of you. Some of you may have heard about it on Twitter yesterday but here’s the official announcement: I’m making a “Theme Song” for the YA Book Community! Yay!!

Now here’s the (very short) story behind it:

So a friend of mine on Twitter (Sarah K) was saying that someone should make a theme song for the YA book community. I saw the tweet and thought it would be a cool idea so I answered and said yes. Then I asked/told the general Twitter population “EVERYONE! Tell me 1+ things you think of when you hear the words YA BOOK COMMUNITY! Makin’ a theme song.” Since then I’ve gotten two words –  fun and friendly – but I need more so here’s what I need you guys to do:

Tell me one or more words or things you think of when you hear/talk about the YA book community. I’ll be documenting all your words and once the song is finished, everyone who supplied a word or more will be thanked and included as participants in the making of the song. And who knows, maybe it will go viral. So write your word or words below in the comments please and let’s have some fun 🙂 ! I can’t wait to hear/see what you guys say 🙂

Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

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