Why Every Bookworm Should Join The Online Book Community – Guest Post

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Hi everyone, I’m Michelle aka The Writing Hufflepuff! I’m here today to talk to you guys about the wonderful world of the online book community and why YOU a fellow bookworm should join it or convince your fellow bookworm friends to join it.

Now I understand that you might not want to join BookTube and film yourself talking about books (I don’t do that either- too shy and awkward and insecure haha!), or that you might not like blogging or taking pictures of books, or that you’re simply too busy (or lazy, I can relate to that when it comes to Bookstagram), but you don’t have to be active to join the book community!

If you’re reading this blogpost right now- congratulations, you’re already part of the online book community! But there is so much more out there than just this blog, or any other book blogs. There are some awesome BookTubers out there (my favourite being Jesse the Reader, go watch his videos right now) that you can watch, without doing anything yourself! (except the watching part of course). You can follow accounts on Instagram that post beautiful pictures of the one thing we all love: books! (seriously, there are such gorgeous accounts out there, like Pretty Pages Blog). And of course you can talk to fellow book lovers on Twitter and fangirl about your favourite books together! Or just follow book related accounts and writers to stay up to date. Active or not, there are so many great things about the book community. I will list them for you (as I love lists and you should too):

  1. The book community is a great place to meet new people and make friends, as you know for sure that there is something you have in common aka your love for books!
  2. With your new friends, you can fangirl or cry or get angry together!
  3. Like I said before, you can stay up to date when it comes to new books from your favourite authors or new amazing debuts! Just look around on Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram or the author’s/publisher’s blog!
  4. It’s a community. For book lovers.
  5. You can connect with authors! Isn’t it every bookworms dream to have their favourite author reply to them? Just ask away on Twitter or Tumblr, like their photos on Instagram, follow their boards on Pinterest… There are so many possibilities!
  6. It’s fun to see/read about other people fangirling about a book or a character or a scene or just anything book related, especially if you love it just as much as they do.
  7. It’s also fun to see/read about someone criticizing a book you really don’t like, especially if it’s a book everyone else just loves. It’s nice to know that you’re not crazy.
  8. Like I said, you don’t have to do anything yourself. You’re already a part of the book community if you just read blog posts, watch BookTube, like Bookstagram pictures, comment etc.
  9. It’s just so relatable. Like all the videos from Epic Reads. There is at least one video that every bookworm can relate too, if not all of them. It’s fun seeing yourself in other people (and again, knowing that you’re not crazy. Or that you are crazy, you’re just not alone).
  10. Books. Books. Books. Books.
  11. Through the book community you’ll discover so many more amazing books and authors.
  12. Seeing beautiful books on your Instagram feed. Every. Single. Day.
  13. Just books man (am I the only one who just read man in the voice of Leo from That 70s Show? No? Just me then, okay.)

So what are you waiting for? Join the book community, we have cookies books!

– The Writing Hufflepuff

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