Top Ten Poems I Love To Read/Watch

Hi people of the universe! How are you? Well, I’m great 🙂 So today’s post is on the top ten poems I love to read because I write A LOT of poems (have you seen how many poems I’ve written for Writing Wednesday?) and I just adore them because they’re so intimate and emotional and just amazing. I love them so much. Anyway, now that I’ve told you the reason why this week’s post is what it was, let’s get into the list (which is in no specific order). I hope you enjoy:

1) Jabberwocky – Lewis Carroll

2) Black College – Tolu

3) To This Day* – Shane Koyczan

4) When Love Arrives* – Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

5) The Author to Her Book – Anne Bradstreet

6) Monster* – authors unknown

7) What Guys Look For In Girls* – Savannah Brown

8) Coffee* – Rhiannon McGavin, Belissa Escolendo, Zariya Allen

9) An Origin Story* – Sarah Kay and Phil Kaye

10) Rape Joke* – Rhiannon McGavin and Belissa Escolendo

So that’s it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed this and hopefully will read or watch the poems online if they’re slam poems. Questions though: have you read or watched any of these before or have you read/watched poems of the same author(s)? Did you like them if so? Let me know in the comments below! I really want to know your thoughts and ideas! Ok, well that’s it. Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


*These poems were (sometimes slam) spoken word poems that can be read/watched online.

2 Comments on “Top Ten Poems I Love To Read/Watch”

  1. I’ve only read/seen two of these, but they were wonderful so I’m sure the others will be too. It just means more poetry to enjoy now! 🙂 (There’s a ridiculous amount of amazing writing available online and I just want to read it all… *sighs*)

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    • These are wonderful; the poets and poems listed above are amazing and I’m actually doing a part two for next week because there’s so much more awesomeness. You should definitely take a looksies. I very much agree with that last statement.

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