Top Ten Poems I Love To Read/Watch: Part 2

Hello amigos! So last week was the top ten poems I love to read/watch because I love poetry however I never got to cover all of my favorites so today I’m doing a part two* because these people authors are extraordinary people; you should definitely hear what they have to say. Again, the list is in no specific order. I hope you enjoy:

1) Shots Fired – Zariya Allen, Rhiannon McGavin, Kyland Turner, Walter Finney

2) Black College – Tolu Obiwole and Ashia Ajani

3) Mixed, Not Exotic – Sarah O’ Neal

4) Parentheses – Harvard University

5) Apocalypse – Ela Banerjee, Amanda Baker, Jimmy Dunn, and Brandon Melendez

6) A Response to “Orange Is The New Black” – Rhiannon McGavin, Belissa Escolendo, Zariya Allen

7) (Name Unknown) – Rhiannon McGavin

8) Somewhere In America – Rhiannon McGavin, Belissa Escolendo, Zariya Allen

9) How To Cure a Feminist – Kait Rokowski

10) Another Rape Poem – Brenna Twohy

So that’s it for today! I hope you guys enjoyed this and hopefully will read or watch the poems online if they’re slam poems. Questions though: have you read or watched any of these before or have you read/watched poems of the same author(s)? Did you like them if so? Let me know in the comments below! I really want to know your thoughts and ideas! Ok, well that’s it. Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!


*These poems are slam spoken word poems that can be read/watched online.

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