Top Ten Prequels and Sequels I/We Need

Hello everyone! So we all have read books that maybe needed an explanation behind some characters and where they came from (basically their backstory) or you wanted to know more about the future or you just wanted more from that author (JK Rowling, I’m looking at you!).  This post is for all the times that this has happened so I hope you enjoy and maybe agonize with me. Here we go:

1) The Marauders prequel by JK Rowling

2) Leading up to 19 Years Later Sequel by JK Rowling – basically what happened to all the Hogwarts Students from Harry Potter

3) 19 Years Later Sequel by JK Rowling – basically stories of all the new kids’ adventures in and outside of Hogwarts (Like the Harry Potter books but their about the kids and we get one for each of the kids)

4) Reyna’s Backstory from Rick Riordan

5) Luke’s Backstory from Rick Riordan

4) Annabeth’s Backstory from Rick Riordan

6) Hazel and Nico Meeting Story/Prequel by Rick Riordan

7) In The Future Sequel by Rick Riordan – basically what happened after Blood Of Olympus

8) The Babysitter’s Club: All Grown Up by Ann M Martin – what happened to all the babysitter’s when they grew up? Where did they go to college? Who did they get married to (if they married at all)? How are their kids (if they have any)?

9) Life after Bitterblue by Kristin Cashore – I desperately want more books from Kristin Cashore specifically pertaining to the Seven Trilogy Series. I want to see more of the three main women Katsa, Bitterblue and Fire together!

10) Renesmee and Jacob by Stephenie Meyer – I read the Twilight books several years ago and when I was done, I was somewhat curious as to what happened afterwards: like what was it like for R. to grow up so fast and to have her mortal grandfather know? and what happened with Jacob?

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