Alec and Luke Casting: When Did This Happen?

Helllo everyone! So it feels just like yesterday when we found out who was Clary….well it technically was! Two days ago, our latest casting was Clary Fray (aka Katherine McNamara), yesterday was my reaction to the news and today we get Alec AND Luke? This is a VERY lucky week for us Mundane Shadowhunters….Anyway, so the casting came as a surprise at least to me one bc of how close the timing was to our last casting and two because I had only just got on Twitter when I got home and the first thing I saw was a tweet welcoming (the two actors I’ll be introducing in a bit) to the cast as Alec and Luke! I flipped of course because HOW DID I NOT KNOW THIS WAS HAPPENING?! It was a really nice surprise to be honest and so far I like the actors so yay. Sorry for dangling the carrot over your head for so long, but now you get to know who Alec and Luke are. The actors for Alec and Luke are….drumroll please…..Matthew Daddario for Alec Lightwood and Isaiah Mustafa as Luke Garroway!!! Whoooo! Check them out below:

Matthew/Alec is on the left and Isaiah/Luke is on the right


Whoa! Are you done swooning? Yes? Okay, then let’s talk about my thoughts/reactions about the two…..

Thoughts on Matthew:

OMG! So let’s start with the fact that his last name is incredibly familiar! Why are you saying this, you ask? Because I found out that he’s Annabeth’s brother!!! Whoa!! Anyway, now let’s talk about look at some of the things he’s acted in before: Delivery Man, When the Game Stands Tall and Growing Up and Other Lies…. so basically things I’ve never watched/heard of? Which is not meant to be mean, it just means he’s a fresh face for me and hopefully will be a good actor (I mean he kind has to be to have gotten like 7 roles in the last 2 years so….

Now for my thoughts/reaction to him being Alec: I can see it. He looks 18-ish at least so that’s a lot better than Kevin Zegers who was a good actor but he also didn’t give off that still kinda young look of Alec. He gave off more of that annoyed at everyone, loves wearing black side of Alec with a little bit of young-ness so it’s nice that we have someone young now. He doesn’t have blue eyes which is a downside but he may wear colored contacts or something so I don’t think it’ll be too big a deal. Other than that, I think he has great potential to be great as Alec. 

Thoughts on Isaiah:

So the second or third tweet I saw after I figured out that Alec and Luke were cast was someone swooning over Isaiah/Luke and that made me actually look at him and see what I thought (I had only glimpsed at his photo before going into shock/flipping out) which leads me to these thoughts: I liked Aidan Turner as Luke so much and definitely wanted him to stay and I think (I’ll apoligize in advance to Isaiah) Aidan is more attractive that Isaiah. *hides now* don’t kill me! Let me give you reasons: I have never seen Isaiah onscreen as much as he looks familiar whereas I’ve seen Aidan as Kili in The Hobbit (swoon) and Luke in City of Bones (swoon) so you can see why I have a preference. Plus, for some reason,  I feel like Aidan gave off more of a werewolf-y feel with the facial hair I constantly saw and Isaiah looks fresh faced. Of course, that’s a somewhat bad reason to like one over the other, but it’s just something I feel (again, don’t kill me). Everyone else likes him though and I’m sure that once I get more used to the idea of Isaiah as Luke and see him on screen, my opinion may change so there’s that.

All in all though, I’m super excited that Luke and Alec were cast! It’s even more exciting that I received the news with absolutely no warning so yay! That’s really all to be honest, I hope you enjoyed that really big tidbit of news for today! I’m really excited about/because of this news! Thanks, have a great day/night everyone and tata for now!

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