Top Ten Book Mothers

Hello everyone! So, not going to lie, this was originally not the post for today; I had something totally different planned but as Mother’s Day was two days ago, I thought that I should keep with the theme and do this. The other post will *most likely* be next week’s Top Ten and I’m pretty sure you’re going to like it. It also has to do with an announcement the I’ll be announcing reallly soon (it’ll be between tomorrow and Friday, but that’s still TBD) that’s EXTREMELY exciting and just overall AMAZING! Anyway, today’s top ten post is the top ten book mothers. I hope you enjoy and happy belated mother’s day!

1) Molly Weasley – Harry Potter series: she was such a kind lady and she’s definitely someone who I would love to be friends with and have my kids be friends with.

2) Lily Potter – Harry Potter series: Does “love sacrifice” ring a bell?

4) Minerva McGonnagall – Harry Potter series: no one, and I mean NO ONE, can deny that Minerva was the honorary (grand)mother of practically everyone (specifically Harry Potter); she was strict, funny and quite protective of everyone. *love her!*

5) Sally Jackson – Percy Jackson series: she married a really old and mean guy who was just rude and absolutely horrible just so that any monsters looking for Percy before he was ready would have a hard time finding him. She was also extremely supportive of him and his powers.  

6) Jocelyn Fray: The Mortal Instruments series: she pretty much gave up herself to save her daughter from getting into Valentine’s hands (which eventually failed but it’s the thought that counts).

7) Natalie Prior – Divergent trilogy: she basically died for her daughter (like Lily did for Harry) so #lovesacrifice again!

8) Narcissa Malfoy – Harry Potter series: Narcissa lied to Voldemort, knowing the consequences if found out, and helped save the world. It was Lily’s love for Harry that saved him when he was a baby and it was Narcissa’s love for Draco that saved Harry one last time.

9) The Mother – Daughter Book Club Moms – The Mother – Daughter Book Club series: some of the best characters in the series were the moms as they were always helped their kids and tried to things that would further interest them in the books they were reading.

10) Tessa Gray/Herondale – The Infernal Devices trilogy: although we haven’t seen too too much of Tessa as a mother, from what I have seen of her, she is extremely kind and really cute and funny therefore she makes the list.

Well that’s it for today folks! What did you guys think? Do you agree with my list? Do you have any additions? Also, comment, apparently I have an obsession with Harry Potter shown through how many HP moms I added to the list?? Did not know that…(I’m kidding of course, I’ve known I’ve had an HP obsession from the beginning not going to lie). Anyway, tell me all your thoughts in the comments below!Thank you! Have a great day/night and tata for now!

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