Black & White & Dead All Over by Anna Castle – Review

Hello everyone! Now let’s start this review off by asking: do you have this book yet (even though it just came out today)? Because if you don’t, get it now! I’m not kidding! I got this book as an epub ARC about a month ago from the author Anna Castle, finally read it last week and finished it in a day; IT WAS SOO GOOD!

So the premise behind the book is: “When the internet service provider in a small town in Texas blackmails one client too many, murder follows. Photographer Penelope Trigg has to rattle every skeleton in every closet in Lost Hat to find the  killer and keep herself out of jail.”

Now let’s be honest for a second, I knew I was going to like this, I just didn’t know I was going to love this and that’s only because of the fact that it was set in a small town. But the plot of the book, the twists and turns and the characters were absolutely amazing and you go through it and realize that you had only hit the tip of the iceberg and that the end was  quite a surprise. The characters themselves and their actions were not annoying in that they were not cliched or just incredibly stupid/dumb at least when it came to decisions to be made, no they were pretty normal and average people who also were pretty awesome. The plot is not boring and there are plenty twists and turns so that you don’t feel that you already know who the killer was and what the end is and that to me is EXTREMELY important.

Anyway, as a little helpful nudge, the author has *thankfully* given up a THREE chapter excerpt of the book so you may step a bit onto the tip of the iceberg. I hope you enjoy it (and then get the book!), thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

Chs 1-3 of Black & White & Dead All Over

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