The Seven Exes Trilogy by Heather Wardell – Review

Hello everyone! So today is the release day for Heather Wardell’s latest book in the Seven Exes trilogy (I think it’s a trilogy but I desperately want more so I’m not sure…) Fifteen Minutes of Summer and I got the marvelous chance of getting an ARC of the book as well as the previous two books and let me tell you, I love it/them! What I’ll do is a little review of each book, in order from first to third. I hope you enjoy:

Seven Exes Are Eight Too Many* Review – 

So I got interested in this book because of the reality TV aspect of it but as the book wore on, I got hooked onto the characters and the emotions and the personalities of each person in the book. Let me give you a sneak peak into the plot of the book from Heather’s website first before I get any more into it:

“The fiercely private Madeleine-Cora Spencer is the last person who should be on a reality TV show, but when she’s shunned by a friend’s new wife because “you can’t trust desperate single women” her pain and humiliation drive her straight to the “Find Your Prince” dating show’s web site. Armed with date-appropriate clothes and a detailed game plan she arrives to meet her potential loves, only to be dumped… on a remote island with seven ex-boyfriends. Seven exes! Could this be any worse?”

Ok so MC was such an interesting character to get to know and to see everything from her point of view and then see some of the same things in the next books but from other points of view was awesome but I’ll get into that a little later. Anyway, I honestly loved this book alot as MC just seemed so interesting and seeing her choices and her actions and her reasons and then adding into that reality TV show aspect into it was just so interesting. I literally have no other words for how much I loved this book and the characters.

Bad Will Hunting* Review – 

So I went into reading the books at first thing that the books were somehow related as I hadn’t actually read the first book yet to know how close the characters in the other books related to each other and so I was expecting something totally different than what this book actually was (and having read the book now, I don’t even know what I thought it would be before). Anyway, here’s the plot for this book (also from Heather’s website):

“During her time on “Ragged Royalty”, Ashley developed a reputation as the show’s scowling shrew. Clever editing, no doubt, but she still hates it. Now that her stint on the show is complete, she’s determined to get the revenge she deserves on the producers who made her look so awful. Without it she can’t move forward and decide what comes next for her. She knows what doesn’t, though–ever seeing MC or Kent or any of the other contestants again. She hates all of them and they hate her too. Who could like “Angry Ashley”? When she meets sexy attorney Will on the flight home, she believes he can help her get everything she needs. Until he double-crosses her. Now she needs revenge on him too. After reluctantly enlisting fellow contestant Sam’s much-needed help in her “Bad Will Hunting” mission, Ashley turns up a ton of dead ends but also some exciting life-changing possibilities. But she can’t get over her need to get one over on Will, and on everyone else who’s wronged her. With so much “bad will” in her way, can Ashley ever find true happiness?”

So for quite a bit of the book I mostly disliked Ashley (aka the main character in this book): I thought she was just too angry and annoying but when we got into more reasons for her “Angry Ashley” persona and got to a point where she was a bit easier to deal with, I started liking her more and more. I mean, even when I disliked her, I liked the book but I liked her a whole lot better once I got more used to her and started seeing some changes in her life and with her personality.

Fifteen Minutes of Summer* Review –

So this next book was possibly my favorite of the three books (the first one was second on the list and the second book was last) but before we get into why and all that, here’s the plot from Heather’s website:

“”As long as people keep talking about me, I’m happy.” Former reality-TV contestant and current fashion designer/celebrity reporter Summer Young lives by those words. Since her time on the “Ragged Royalty” program Summer’s been looking for her big break in either fashion or show biz, whichever will let her show her family of literal geniuses that she can still be a success without being smart. Touched to be asked to help her ex-husband Kent and his crazily private fiancée Madeleine-Cora plan their nuptials, Summer throws herself into taking charge of everything and being the perfect bridesmaid and even making MC’s bridal gown. At the same time, she’s juggling her romance with show-mate Aaron and her growing friendship with Kent’s brother Ron and the pressure from her celebrity-gossip-site boss who’s demanding every intimate wedding detail Kent and MC would never want shared. If Summer shares those details with the world, she’ll get the attention and approval she’s always wanted, but she’ll lose her friends and the people who matter most to her. Are her fifteen minutes of fame worth the privacy they’ll cost?”

So I thought this was book was just going to pick up after the latest events in the second book but it actually started way before that. At first that set up *slightly* annoyed me, but more and more I started liking it because I got to see the build up to the event and the reasons behind what happened (I feel very vague but I’m not giving anything up about what happened) and then I got to see everything that happened after and I absolutely loved it! I now think it was the perfect set up for the book and am so happy because, like I said, I got to see everything from another point of view and in that began to feel more sympathetic to someone I previously thought was…not evil, I was just confused by the why behind the event/actions. Ugh it was so good!

I definitely feel you should get the books! Even if you aren’t into books onto reality TV shows (which I totally am), they are still really good, especially because the second and third book begin to shy away from the reality TV show aspect of it. The characters were very good and the plot was well played out. The different points of view was an added bonus that I loved so much! I definitely recommend this series for you guys to read!

Now I do have a little announcement regarding tonight: Friday Finds will most likely be moved to tomorrow but keep checking Twitter as time gets closer because my plans may actually change. I’m sorry for any confusion! Thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

*This is an affiliate link I have with Amazon 🙂

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