Top Ten New Authors I’ve Read Books By In 2015 (Part 1)

Hello peoples of the world/universe! So a couple of days ago, I was thinking about how I had been reading quite a bit of books by new authors whether they were 2015 breakouts or they were always there, I just never read their books. Therefore resulting in today’s post: Top Ten New Authors I’ve Read Books By In 2015 (Part 1). Now the part 1 thing is because we’re about halfway through 2015 and I thought that maybe I should do this again at the end of 2015. I don’t know if I’ll have read any books by new authors but I’m hoping to get into ARCs and more book reviews from authors so I think it will happen. Anyway, I hope enjoy part one of this lovely feature and maybe find out a couple of new books to read! Let’s go:

1) Sarah J Maas

2) Victoria Aveyard

3) Anna Castle

4) Kate Blackwell

5) Heather Wardell

6) Zoe Sugg

7) Kelly Keaton

8) Jennifer Castle

9) Mary Elizabeth Summer

10) Maggie Hall

Ok, well that’s all for today! So what do you guys think: have any of you read books by the authors above or are they all completely new? What did you think about the authors’ books (if you’ve read some/all of them)? I would love to know! Thanks, have a great day/night, and tata for now!

6 Comments on “Top Ten New Authors I’ve Read Books By In 2015 (Part 1)”

  1. You’re doing it again. And you’re also making me feel like a philistine, which is apt since my darling wife has been calling me that for over thirty years.

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