Seven Exes Trilogy by Heather Wardell – Interview

Heather WardellHello everyone! So today is my third time doing an author interview and I am as excited today as I was the last two interviews! Anyway, exactly one week ago, I reviewed Heather’s Seven Exes Trilogy/Series and I loved them so much and now today is my (short) interview with Heather. I hope you enjoy!

1) To start off with our first question, tell us a little about yourself. How old were you when you realized when you wanted to write?

I was in my thirties and already working on my second career. (I was a software developer first then an elementary school teacher.) My husband was away on a business trip and on a whim I decided to see if I could write a book. That first draft, after lots of editing, became my free-to-download book “Life, Love, and a Polar Bear Tattoo”.

That was ten years ago, and now I have seventeen novels out and more on the way, and I feel sure that this third career will last the rest of my life!

2) How did you come up with the idea behind the Seven Exes books/series?

I saw a TV commercial for “Survivor” and I thought how brutal it must be to be stuck on an island with all those strangers, and then I thought, “Wouldn’t it be worse, though, with a whole bunch of your exes?”

3) What was first running through your mind right after you thought of the idea?

“You can’t write that, there’d be way too many characters!” But I decided to give it a try, and although it required a lot of charts and lists and careful fact-checking it worked and I had a great time writing it and people seem to enjoy reading it.

4) What is your favorite thing about writing and what is your least favorite thing?

My favorite thing about writing itself is when something appears on the page and I think, “Wow, where did that come from?” I love those moments of inspiration. My favorite thing about the whole writing business is readers: I had no idea how much fun it’d be to chat with them online and in person and I love it so much. And my least favorite thing is when a book is begging to be written while I’m working on another one – I always stick to one book until its draft is done because, otherwise, you end up with lots of partial drafts but it’s hard when another story wants its turn!

5) And for the final question, is there any advice you have for aspiring writers?

First, write what you love. Don’t worry about the market: there’s a market for everything. If you’re writing YA or paranormal or erotica because it sells, readers will feel that in your work and they won’t love your books. If you love your books, readers will too. Second, sit down and work. Figure out how much time you can give to your writing and be sure you are there for that time (no checking email or Facebook) – the stories arrive if you’re there to catch them but if you never show up and take things seriously they won’t either. And third, never EVER put out a piece of writing that isn’t as polished and professional as you can manage. Spelling and grammar matter! 🙂

Tell us what you think!

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