Top Ten Tips For New (Book) Bloggers

Hello peoples of the world/universe! So yesterday, at around 11 pm, I was thinking of topics for today and so, of course, I went to The Broke and The Bookish’s version of Top Ten Tuesday and started going down the list of topics. That’s when I found today’s post title/topic so thank you to them for this. All in all, I hope you take note of these tips and hopefully learn something. I hope you enjoy:

1) Pick a niche or two (for now): you may think you’ve already picked a niche (aka books) but there’s so much more to that. You can read and review books, being a general books news reporter or maybe you want to go more to the writing side of things and talk about that. Either way, there’s so much more to the topic of books than just books.

2) Now realize that you are probably not going to stay with that one or two niche(s) because you’ll grow as a blogger or at least should grow a blogger. What will/should happen is that as you grow as a blogger, you’ll realize that maybe you didn’t like one niche and/or that you were attracted to another.

3) Be yourself: Whether or not you change niches or not, be yourself. By being yourself, you show that you’re human and that you have a heart therefore showing that you’re trustworthy.

4) Look to other bloggers in terms of ideas: just like I did in this post in terms of looking to The Broke and the Bookish, you should look to other bloggers and people for ideas and help. You can do this either by looking at what others have done and building upon that or you can look to the mistakes of others and then fixing their mistakes and building on that.

5) Get social media: in this day and age, the first type of social media you should get is Twitter as, in my experience, it’s the best way to make friends with other bloggers, writers, authors and anyone else you may want to know. The next thing to be on is Goodreads, which has helped me find new books to read and sometimes also make new friends. Facebook would be the third thing to get in my opinion and possibly a Tumblr then after that you can choose what else to get.

6) Make friends with other bloggers: social media was a way to make friends and know more people, so utilize it! Make friends, talk to other people! Without social media, I would never have gotten this far in terms of amount of friends and in terms of blogging opportunities and I am not just saying that to convince you. I’m saying that to show you what making friends can do so please take my advice and make friends.

7) Participate in events and challenges: this is one of my favorite parts of blogging because the events/challenges I’ve participated in/created (Guest Blogger Week, #BookBlogWriMo, WordPress challenges, blog tours and more) were fun, made me new friends and I got a lot of new followers from them. You should definitely do them.

8) Schedule posts: when you have ideas, write the posts and schedule them and save them for a rainy day because as much as you may believe the opposite, you will have blank days where you can just not write. And of course, those days will be the ones you will need the posts so write and schedule posts.

9) Look at fandom news sites: Even though you may not be one or want to be one yourself, fandom news sites are the perfect way to get new ideas for posts.

10) Have fun! You may be blogging for money or power or who knows what, but have fun while doing it. If you don’t have fun, then you certainly won’t get anywhere because your reason to do things will decrease and you’ll stop blogging or care about it which may hurt. Having fun ensures that whatever happens, you’ll still enjoy blogging and be happy.

Ok, well that’s all for today! What do you guys think: did you learn anything new? Have you tried any of these ideas before? What’s worked and not worked? I would love to know! Thanks, have a great day/night, and tata for now!

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