Why So Much?

Hello everyone! So it feels like it’s been a really long time since I’ve written on here and technically that’s true. Half of it is because of busy days and nights and the other half is because I didn’t know how to word this post well enough. But now I’m over that and the crazy should be over (#summer) so, without further ado, here’s all the Shadowhunter news since last time I posted. Hope you enjoy:

Cast Additions – 

So the people who’ve been added to the cast list are:

Curtis Morgan – Pangborn
David Castro – Raphael Santiago
Joel Labelle – Alaric
Vanessa Matsui – Dot (Dorothea)
Jon Cor – Hodge Starkweather
Jordan Hudyma – Blackwell
Jasmine Sean – Vampire Clubber
Jade Hassoune -Meliorn
Kaitlyn Leeb – Camille
Lisa Marcos – Captain Vargas

Ya….it’s a lot which is why there’s no pictures; there’ll be no room left for everything left!! I am horrible at my job (I’m sorryyyy!!! *cries*)

Ok what else…hmm..well:

  1. The first two episodes of the first season have been shot which is awesome!
  2. and we have tons of set photos which I’ll be linking to below (yes, all of them are articles from TMISource)
  3. and we officially have TEASERS!!!! AND TITLE ART!!! Commence the freak out; I’ll wait a bit…
  4. done? ok the Title Art is:Shadowhunters
  5. and finally the teasers and set photos are all part of/in the following links!

Official Title Art For Shadowhunters

Watch Mcg Shares First Footage Of Jace And Alec In Action

Shadowhunters Set Photos Matthew Daddario Perfects His Archery Skills

Photos Shadowhunters Wraps Filming On Episode 1×02

Shadowhunters Set Photos Jace Training Clary In A Cemetery

Watch Two New Teasers Shadowhunters

And that’s all I believe! If you have any questions or anything about any other Shadowhunters news (or basically any fandom related thing), comment below and if you want to also fangirl hard about the fact that SHADOWHUNTERS IS A THING, also comment below 🙂 Either way, thanks, have a great day/night and tata for now!

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